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TIL about the lia radiological accident, where three Georgians discovered two abandoned radioactive sources in the forest around which "there was no snow for about a 1 m (3.3 ft) radius, and the ground was steaming", they then decided to use them as heat sources for the night. One died.

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TIL there are 50-150 murders of "witches" in Papua New Guinea each year. In 2004, some claimed witches had invisibility capes. This accusation coincided with a Harry Potter film reaching the island.

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TIL Jeffrey Dahmer converted to Christianity after being baptized by a pastor named Roy Ratcliff. Dahmer met with Ratcliff every week to discuss the Bible until he was murdered 14 months later. Ratcliff described Dahmer as a truly changed man.

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TIL about the US Army's APS contingency program. Seven gigantic stockpiles of supplies, weapons and vehicles have been stashed away by the US military on all continents, enabling their forces to quickly stage large-scale military operations anywhere on earth.

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TIL Certain types of fly larvae are ideal for treating gangrene because they feed on dead and infected tissue but leave healthy tissue alone. However, because of the nature of this type of treatment, many people are reluctant to try it.

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TIL William Stoughton, the chief judge of the Salem Witch Trials, sentenced 19 men and women to death during the trials despite not having any training, or education, in law.

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TIL about Narbacular Drop, a puzzle game made by students at DigiPen University of Technology, which emphasized the usage of portals to solve puzzles; the entire team was later hired by Valve Software and would go on to make Portal

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TIL Ramanujan’s work has been analysed and studied for decades since his death as a source of new mathematical ideas. Researchers are still discovering mere comments in his mathematical writings turning out to be profound that remained unsuspected until nearly a century after his death.

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TIL about the Attack of the Dead Men, a WWI battle where chlorine and bromine gas poisoning gave Russian soldiers the appearance of zombies. Russia won the battle when their appearance frightened off the attacking Germans.

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TIL Barry Bonds record breaking home run ball was donated to the baseball hall of fame branded with an asterisk

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TIL it took around 3 billion years for the very first single-celled organisms to eventually evolve into basic animal life forms. For comparison, dinosaurs were around for about 165 million years, modern humans have been around for 300,000 years.

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TIL about Operation Bernhard. During WWII, Germany attempted to bring about the collapse of the British economy by forging ≈£130 million in British bank notes. The notes are considered among the most perfect counterfeits ever produced, and are very difficult to differentiate from legitimate notes.

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TIL: Those chrome-like crater wounds in Terminator 2 were expanding foam rubber, not CGI

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Today I learned that there is a kind of mineral called "Cummingtonite" .

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TIl the first page of the Gettysburg Address was written in Washington, in ink and on official stationery. The second page was written in Gettysburg, in pencil on a piece of that happened to be at hand.

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TIL that one of the top convenience stores in Japan was founded in Ohio, and that there are now only 2 locations open in the United States

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TIL The City of Sanibel Island was founded by 3 former CIA spies.

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TIL Steve Jobs wanted the original iPhone to not have a SIM card slot according to Former iPod VP. Stating that he didn't want to have another hole in it.

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TIL that Toto the Dog from The Wizard of Oz was replaced with a cow in it's 1903 adaption, due to the difficulty of training animals for the stage.

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TIL that since 2002, the American National Archives stores important national documents such as the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution within argon-filled cases to inhibit their degradation.

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TIL In 2010, Drs. Torres and Luckham debuted their spray-on fabric in a fashion show at Imperial College London. The science was inspired by traditions of textile-making, like felt, where fibers are bound instead of stitched or woven.

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TIL that five structure that were either directly inspired by or modelled after the London, Crystal Palace were also destroyed by fire.

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TIL the Imperial Library of Constantinople held thousands of ancient Roman and Greek texts for ~1000 years. Most of the library was lost over time due to war and fires, with the Archimedes Palimpsest a notable survivor

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TIL that breast cancer used to be known as "Nun's disease" due to the higher prevalence amongst nuns, who were at increased risk due to their celibate lifestyle. An association between reproductive history and cancer risk wasn't proven for about 250 years after it was associated with nuns.

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TIL the famous silent film Nosferatu (1922) was given an unauthorized rerelease with sound in 1930 that used previously unreleased footage. This version survives today, albeit without sound, but has never been released on home video.

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