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Medication Modafinil day 1, any advice


Got diagnosed with narcolepsy, I also have adhd and was taking adderall 15mg XR 5 days a week which helped a little w my fatigue. Doctor wants me to try out modafinil instead bc of my new diagnosis.

Note: I stopped the adderall 2 weeks before my sleep study and had no withdrawal effects. Aside from the fatigue (which I had before starting the adderall), it was a smooth transition. After the study was competed I continued taking it until our recent appointment.

Tbh I was expecting this amazing non-tiredness (not euphoria), but I was still tired af. More than when on adderall. I actually ended up sleeping 9 hours into it for 6 hours cuz I was just that sleepy. I saw a lot of people say it gave them insomnia so this shocked me because it had not even been 10 hours.

Side effects:

Huge loss of appetite. I never experienced a loss of appetite on adderall, even at higher doses, or Wellbutrin (was on this in the past year at one point), so this is actually new to me. I’ve been bulking so this sucks.

Piss smells bad. This doesn’t matter to me.

Mild headache and nausea. But I’ve had much worse nausea before so this didn’t really matter and the headache was not bad enough to disrupt my day at all.

Maybe some anxiety, but also the idea of taking a new med gives me slight anxiety so maybe it’s unrelated.

Lots of gurgling in my stomach


I read a lot faster than usual. I’m probably the slowest reader you’ll ever meet and somehow I was reading at a normal pace.

That’s pretty much it tbh. There was an hour or hour and a half towards the start where I was like “wow I’m not tired!” but it was literally so short lasting lol. I kind of wonder if that could have been placebo since I really expected to not be tired.

Honestly I don’t drink coffee regularly but i feel much more energy/ alert / awake from coffee. Unfortunately this feeling from coffee only lasts like an hour and a half, and coffee makes my stomach hurt, gives me acid reflux, sometimes gives me diarrhea, and tolerance builds very fast from my understanding.


So do you guys think I didn’t feel anything because yesterday was the last day I took my adderall or what? In the two weeks I didn’t take my adderall for the sleep study I drank coffee on some days and it helped a ton, even though I had only recently quit taking adderall.

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Location negotiable after selection?


I’ve been applying for all sorts of openings on USA jobs throughout different regions, when I have been selecting duty locations I’ve been selecting preferred crews/locations as well as the location negotiable after selection. Just kind of confused on what this means, I was reading some posts using the search bar saying that u it means u won’t be preferred applicant for the duty locations u selected? Or more like if your not offered the selected/preferred locations you’ll be considered for all other openings? I’m pretty new to USA jobs so thanks in advance for any input much appreciated.

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Type a person INTJ or INFJ?


My stack goes: Ni > Ti ≥ Te > Ne > Fe > Fi > Si > Se

Would I be considered as INFJ since my Ti-Fe is more well-developed than my Te-Fi?

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9 - 16 weeks Help with 2.5 month old please !!


My little boy is 2.5 months old and he HATES to sleep. He will only nurse to sleep and I will hold him for like 15-30 minutes to be positive he is zonked out and then when I set him in his pack and lay to go to sleep his little eyes shoot wide open. We try to follow wake windows for him but he doesn’t really seem to ever get sleepy. It is extremely frustrating and I am so exhausted I feel like I am falling apart. I know I can’t really formally sleep train till he is 4 months old but idk how I’m going to make it. Can I get some advice please? Thank you!

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I am overjoyed because of this mug.

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This song makes me cry! The Last of the Mohicans THE BEST EVER! by Alexandro Querevalú

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General Discussion Upgrading phones - suggestions ?


Hey! Currently have the S20 FE and Love it!!

Work is offering me either the S22 5g or S21fan-ed 5g at no charge.

Which would you go for?

I love the larger screen, but besides that I'm curious to hear what you all think!

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When you get a pocket medic and it hits just right

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pending overview for yoyoyooyoyoy1

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Fashion What are some female characters you've tried to create based off of a game, anime, show, etc...


I'm stuck between trying to make Ivy or Hilde from the Soul Calibur games, but if you have some other suggestions for a female character to make or have done one already then let me know.

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Dolls A vintage doll I picked up today.

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Video Video Request - JP stands with Dray


There was a game this most recent finals when Draymond made a play near the Celtics bench and then kinda got tangled up in their general area. There wasn’t any physical back and forth but jawing for sure. Draymond is surrounded by green jerseys going off at the mouth and i think it was right before a timeout so there aren’t many warriors around. There is ONE GSW player there however. And not accidentally. He’s standing there. Waiting to make sure nothing happens to Dray, or that at the very least nothing happens to dray alone.

Can anyone find this video?

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Anyone try him if yes is he good? i have 20k and this is my team

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[Question][Poultry] Slow cooking a whole chicken in a gas BBQ


Hey guys. I plan to slow cook 2 whole chickens in a gas bbq. I want to use Liquid smoke as well. How do you guys recommend using it? I mean, yes, only a drop, but how do you get a drop to spread around a whole chicken? Do you dilute it with olive oil?

Also, how long should I expect the process to take? I will obviously use thermometers, but, at what temperature should I have the grill before I put them in and how long should they stay there? Just so I can plan ahead properly. I mean they time will vary, but this is my first time, and I don't want to plan for 4 hours, and be ready in 2, or vice versa.

Extra info: I own a Weber Spirit 310 gas bbq. I plan to cook 2 simultaneously but I am not sure of the exact size/weight of the chickens yet.
if any more info is requested, let me know and I will either reply, or edit the question to include for all.

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Stelmužės ąžuolas pastebėtas lietuvių kalbos vadovėlyje 😱

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Rome II Are Rome 2's DLCs just as bland and easy as its grand champaign?


I'm struggling to decide whether or not to move to Rome 2 from Attila. The last time I tried Rome 2's Grand Champaign, it was absolute crap, so dull, boring, soulless and uninteresting. I hated the politics system as well, the hardest challenge was to make sure you seek a wife/husband for your family memebrs. The Eastern factions were a joke in the Grand Champaign. There was also a huge a lack of unit variety in non-Roman unit rosters.

The only thing I loved about it was the beautiful calming atmosphere. The reason why I'm considering moving from Attila is the ugly Champaign atmosphere and the dogshit performance of Attila.

Has any of these changed considerably in Rome 2's DLCs to make the game worth trying?

Thanks a lot!

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Cara Untuk Daftar Danamon Online Banking Dengan Mudah

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Tesla Cybertruck Is Genius, And Here's Why

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Discussion Riyad Mahrez at Leicester in ‘16 was a different breed.


He was so free in that team.

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News Home Office suspends ex-Met officer over racist WhatsApp chat

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how important is it to learn welding for blacksmithing?


I have the opportunity to buy a basic electrode welder for about 80$, which is quite cheap in my country. If I add safety gear and some rods I get to about 100$.

Any of you use a welder? How often? Do you think it's necessary for a hobbiest?

(Of course I will have to learn to weld but it doesn't seems too complicated)

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Discussion Lovelink is going downhill


Ever since the layoffs nothing has been the same. It's making me discouraged to play. I haven't played in a little while but I've heard how the matches feel quite different.

Now they're doing this to Cianan, a clear favourite in the community. It also seems like they are completely removing the old and bringing out new matches to seemingly 'replace' the old matches.

I said to myself I would finish off the rest of my lovelink matches then go back to mechat, but honestly I'm just going straight back to mechat. Who knew the old copycats would end up 1000 times better than lovelink...

I just miss it...

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Cat Picture Hey i heard one of the only ways to tell a cats age is from the teeth but i don’t know how to tell i don’t know if anyone could tell from this photo but it would be much appreciated thank you

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Trade Anyone got a spare regi-ice I’m kinda screwed at the moment?


I got shiny golurk for spooktober if you want it