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Hey look guys a Fortnite Easter egg in cyberpunk 2077 🗿

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Left Unity ✊ I cycle eight miles or get the train to work, this is a part time contract I do for fun. My boss:

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Article Yes, 'Bros' flopped at the box office. But Hollywood must keep making LGBTQ movies, anyway

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zE 🎪 Шапіто Я хочу нагадати, як прокремлівські лицемірні гниди висміювали виступ українськогого Президента в ООН під час війни, 2015 р, на користь своїм хазяєвам з Кремля, російською мовою. А тепер ці самі гниди ниють, що їх висміювати не можна. Але ж в цю гру можна грати вдвох.

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Music Acoustic basses sound awful majority of the time


Many times I find that acoustic basses lack a resonance and (for lack of a better word) thump than an electric has. Plus there is a lot more variety you can achieve from an electric considering the treble, mid and bass is more easily adjustable than that of an acoustic.

Edit: Just to clarify I’m not talking about double basses

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Politics One is dealing with the Cuban missile crisis, the other is doing product placements

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'Bros' Guy Branum Also Has a Problem with Brendan Fraser Playing Fat Gay Lead in 'The Whale'

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Society Steve Jobs Passed Away 11 Years Ago Today

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I absolutely hate Sansa, she’s so unlikeable and shallow.

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Shotz Shotz - Some RUST appreciation FeelsStrongMan

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Covid-19 I've been sick for 2 + years (after I got covid I never got better) I never let it keep me down though! and I'm still alive! this pic made me smile cuz l look so healthy! (OC)

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Venting/rant I’m so disappointed in Matt and Marisha.


This got deleted in less than 2 minutes from the main sub with no explanation so I’m posting it here.

On the recent 4-Sided dive they went into Laudnas death a little bit, and it’s even more meaningless than people thought.

Marisha said that she refused to get a new character, and even went as far as to tell the art department not to ask her for her new design. They went on to talk about how essentially bringing Launda back is an inevitability.

Okay. So Laudna is immortal then? If she can’t die and Marisha refuses to get a new character then putting her in fights is essentially meaningless.

If these characters can’t die then all fights are is going through the motions. All death means is Matt has to figure out a new way to revive people. Nothing matters.

If this was a home game then it would be a fine decision, after all the players should decide if they want their own characters to have stakes or not, and most home DMs would allow it if you really wanted to play your character again.

This is not a home game. This is not a game they would be playing every week and we just happen to be watching. This is a serialized streamed form of entertainment designed to make money. I’m sorry if hearing that annoys you, but that’s the way it is.

Making Laudna immortal ruins the stakes of the game, makes it less interesting, and now means that anything Laudna does going forward won’t really matter in terms of her dying or not. If she’s always gonna come back why not just send her to the most dangerous suicide missions that the players who care about stakes don’t want their characters to go on?

Matt and Marisha should know better than to play this way, and they definitely should know better than to just admit it. But I guess they know it doesn’t matter if they admit it or not because they’ve never cared about fan criticism anyway.

PS. Laudna was my favorite character. Her death was very emotional and I enjoyed it. And if they revived her within the rules of the game that would be great, but knowing she’ll never die no matter what makes her nothing more than extra damage to the enemy. If she has no stakes and can’t die she’s hardly even a character anymore imo.

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Military hardware & personnel RU Pov. Mobilized Russian soldiers debunk fakes about lack of equipment.

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Discussion Peer reviewed Study: FTM trans athletes’ hearts and lungs outperform cis womens’ even after years of hormone therapy. They also have lower fat % and higher bone density.

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Question Has anyone else noticed an uptick in military helicopter operations around their area recently?


I'm noticing this in the Colorado front-range area.

Multiple Red-cross (✚) marked Blackhawks landing in civilian areas.

I really hope they're not doing what I fear they're doing.

Anyone else in the US seen similar?

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Clip Mr K snipes Chris Kyle

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Feedback 4 years 4800 hours and I can now admit to myself that PoE has evolved past me.


A little background about me as a player. My first day of playing was about an hour after the delve league trailer dropped, I play on average 10-13 characters to level 75+ per league, and I have never solo killed shaper, elder, uelder, maven, sirus, aul, u atziri or any uber. But I was happy.

I imagine, this being the reddit and whatnot, that my feedback will be largely downvoted and laughed at but I feel like I should get my feedback out there for the devs to see.

Let me start with what finally triggered me allowing myself to admit PoE is too much for me, and that simply is progression. I don't understand how to pinpoint my faults. This league was more apparent than any other that the builds I make have considerable flaws. Flaws that the BASE GAME no longer finds acceptable to have. Too little dps? Dead. Too little defense? Dead. Too slow? Dead. Playing the game just to run some mid tier maps or some blights for fun then move on is no longer an acceptable way to play. To my understanding this is just a culmination of all of the top end power creep that the game compensates for that leaves the mid game feeling dead.

Lets look at what the atlas content looks like.

White maps: you have whatever rolls on the map with 20 or so passive points. Not really anything to form a strategy with and unable to form a pool or form a map roation you enjoy.

Yellow maps: you got some more passive points to help focus on content you enjoy but nothing else beyond that. 2 favorite slots.

T11-15: a lot more goes online here. If your lucky you get memories (i have yet to get one) most of your atlas passive tree can be unlocked to help do non atlas content like heist, delve, or blight.

T16s: literally the rest of the game gets unlocked here. All end game bosses, favorite slots, efficent map collection for running layouts you like, and even just decent bases so you can even have the option to see T1 rolls on some stats.

The problems I find with the current atlas is the number of problems dont reflect the number of solutions based on the tier of play you are in. Go T16 easy or stuggle. Its the reason I feel why essence is the strongest mechanic in PoE by a very large margine. Essence is easy to obtain a reasonable amount at ALL levels of play. Fossils, harvest, and orb spam are incredibly unreasonable to do for fixing problems early on and orb spam is generally just bad unless you have a vast amount.

I do have a couple of suggestions on fixing this. My main solution is that the mod pool on gear needs to come wayyyyyyyy down. Theres no need for so many mods that effecively do the same thing and with so many tiers. What to condense stats down to however deserves another post all on its own but stats shouldnt have more than 5 tiers. Bringing down the margin of error from rolls can help aleviate some issues.

2) Condense crafting to a few specific mechanics to reduce confusion. My current thought process is to roll fossils into harvest and roll alva mods into essence. Fossil and resonater nodes turn into life force while areas that would normally drop alva modded items now drop new essence with a chance to also get them when corrupting essence monsters.

3) VASTLY decrease the amount of special damage aimed at the player, this includes on death effects, special attacks , and spells, through CDR or less chance to activate and just less overall damage. OR. Increase the potency of core stats to reduce the need to rely so heavily on having mana reservation dedicated to only defensive auras.

Now i can hear the comments already saying that GGG wants the game to be hard or to just get good but i think thats the problem. PoE will never be both difficult and fun at the same time. The game isnt built in a way to do so. Mob counts are too high and too fast for that to be realistic and the game is too solved for difficulty to matter to the players that have solved it. A player doing 20-50 million dps with every defense they can grab playing seismic trap was never going to struggle and only die to unfun situations. The players that need help are ones like me trying to figure out how to make cold sunder occultist stong enough and tanky enough to survive the barrage of death traps in the end of the game on a couple dorb budget. Either monsters, skill trees, or crafting, these all contain an enormous amount of traps to fall into that will ruin the time of someone that doesnt have textbook knowledge of the game.

Anyway. Im wrapping this up i dont know if my feedback was cohearent, was probably a bit ranty, or even good but i at least wanted to say something. Probably wont spend too much time responding to comments. I have a but more i wanted to add but my time is short. Still gona keep playing though.

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Hhwhite hhwoman saying the N word in my house

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News & Discussion The sound redesign is terrible, everything is far too bassy and punchy


The sound redesign is terrible, everything is far too bassy.

So besides the game already suffering from Graphical Effects overload, they now added sound overload too it aswell. Everything is way too bassy and punchy/impacty. The Original sound from Overwatch 1 was perfect. it was crisp and clear. Even when multiple things were happening at once it was clear and you could tell whats going on.

In OW2 however its terrible, from the headshot effect and kill sound effects, everything is far too punchy and bassy and loud.

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I cheated on my wife and I'm nervous, don't know how to proceed


This is my first time posting here. I heard of this site before but don't know how this works. I don't want to give out too much information in case others or even her might be users here. Nowadays it's a small world. I'm nervous and just had a bad argument again (my guilt is killing me) so if any of you can be helpful I'd gladly appreciate it. I'm not even at home now. I'm using my cousin's PC.

I cheated on my wife nearly 4 months ago with a co-worker at my job. That was the first time I've ever slept with another woman besides my wife. I was a shy virgin when my wife met me in college long ago. She's suspecting it by now, asked questions about my recent changes and I don't know how to come forward with it. In my attempts to escape from getting caught, I tend to drink some days to relieve me of my guilt or verbally lashed out at her by using her only single weakness as an argument.

I know what's it like being cheated on. I've been there once but that's an ancient story I don't care to share and it brings bad memories. My main concern is that now I'm officially a cheater, what I hated becoming. I just ended my affair last week but I'm scared of getting find out, exposed, etc. I think I'm making it very obvious because I suck at lying and tend to get upset if I'm cornered.

I would like to know how to proceed to this. I believe confessing is the right thing. Anyone???

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A a ahhhh. A A AHHHH 🧜‍♀️

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Question Why is sir Jordan Peterson so hated?


I just started listening to him and Idk why he gets so much hate online. Can anyone explain why?

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News & Discussion Am I the only one who actually likes OW2?


I get that people are upset about losing OW1, but this game really isn't that bad. All games in the last decade or so have had problems at launch. In order to compete in today's live service game industry there has to be some form of monetization scheme that allows the devs to keep working on it.

On top of that, the 5v5, to me, feels a lot better. No more blaming tanks for being bad. More accountability for dps and support. It feels way better than just having teams that sit behind shields and spam damage into the enemy team. And the new game mode, characters, and maps are great.