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Reminder: Event-long bans for region baiting offenses during Worlds


It's been two years since this rule was introduced, and since we are happy with the results we've made it so that the rule is now permanent, however here is a reminder to everybody: Anyone who breaks the region baiting rule will be banned until the end of the tournament.

This will be a separate process to our usual three strike policy, which means that warnings will not be handed out, but it will also not lead to any permanent bans unless other rules are also broken. If your comments breaks both the region baiting and personal attack rules you will receive a ban for the duration of the event that will count as one strike towards the three strikes.

So what counts as region baiting? Let's start by looking at the rule itself:

Region baiting is not allowed. Region bait is defined as: Trash talk (NA>EU EU>NA) that is taking place in a completely unrelated thread. Posts and comments that do nothing but incite inflammatory arguments between regions are also not allowed.

What does this mean in practice? If you just watched a game where a team played terribly we won't ban you for going into that post-match thread and talking about how bad they were because of X, Y and Z. If you give legitimate reasons why one region has performed better than another one you're not getting banned. If you make harmless jokes that have more substance to them than just "LUL EU/NA BAD" you won't get banned.

Basically, just be reasonable. Don't attack people simply based on what team they support or where they're from. Don't go into posts for the sole purpose of starting arguments. Don't react to criticism against the team you support with personal attacks. Don't use one region's success to bash other regions.

We want everyone to have a great time during Worlds, and part of that is not having to be the target of personal attacks.

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Patch 12.19 Bug Megathread


Greetings Summoners!

With every new patch Riot introduces to balance out champions and items there are some unforeseen issues that creep up and cause disruption during gameplay. We have noticed that these issues which eventually get fixed clutter up the subreddit immediately following the patch.

We want to avoid this by having a single Megathread which will be posted after every patch so that you guys can report the various issues in one place. This allows Riot to easily keep track of the bugs by providing a central hub and also allows other users to confirm that they might have encountered.

Note only bugs caused by the 12.19 Patch should be reported below.

Prerequisites to be noted before reporting a bug

  1. A bug will ideally be accompanied with a screenshot or a video. This provides credibility to your report.
  2. Steps to recreate the bugs should be submitted if possible. This helps Rioters recreate the bug and helps them find the cause behind it.
  3. The bug must have been caused by the latest patch.

Format when reporting a bug: When reporting a bug, please provide as much information as you can about your computer.

Server: The server you encountered the bug (NA, EUW, EUNE, TR, RU, BR, LAS, LAN etc)

Type of Bug: Client Bug, In Game Bug etc

Description: Describe what was the bug that occurred.

Video / Screenshot: Insert screenshot (F12 in game) or Video of the bug occurring.

Steps to reproduce: Provide the steps necessary if someone else had to reproduce the bug.

Expected result: What should have been the result when you follow the steps mentioned above.

Observed result: What was the result you obtained when you followed the steps mentioned above?

Reproduction rate: If you try to recreate the bug how successful are you in causing it to occur? (1/10: Occurs once every 10 tries, 5/10: Occurs 5 times out of 10, 10/10: Happens every single time)

System specs: Processor, Video card, Ram, HDD/SSD, everything you can provide, even drivers.

Example Bug:

• Server: EUW

• Type of Bug: In-Game Bug etc

• Description: Zed's R (Death Mark) does not apply secondary damage

• Insert Video / Screenshot of the incident

• Reproduction rate: 2/10 (happened 2 out of 10 times)

• Steps to reproduce:

Launch a game after selecting Zed as your champion. Attempt to use Death Mark. Observe the result.

• Expected result: The damage should apply after a short delay, amplified by damage dealt during the effect.

• Observed result: The damage will not apply properly.

• System Specs: Intel i5 Processor, Windows 7, Nvidia Graphics card (insert model number) etc.

If you don't know how to format comments on Reddit click here

- **Server:**   
- **Type of Bug:**   
- **Description:**   
- **Video / Screenshot:**   
- **Steps to reproduce:**   
- **Expected result:**   
- **Observed result:**   
- **Reproduction rate:**   
- **System specs:**  

Copy paste the above code and fill in your details.

From this Megathread the list of bugs will not be summarized and put up in the main body of the thread, however, note that many Rioters are going through every single comment so don't worry if you post the 1500th or 3000th comment, every reply will be read over the next few days.

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MarkZ: Remove Play-Ins, start Worlds with 4 groups of 6 single Round Robin and then make a larger bracket.



  • MarkZ Group Stage makes room for more games in the bracket stage, which enables double elimination with 3rd place teams seeded into the Loser's Bracket and Bracket Reset. The minimum amount of games isn't changed, but max games increases, but not as much as keeping the current format and trying to add double elimination. Riot just did 2 Bo5s in a day, so scheduling of Worlds can be maintained by doubling up some days. Not many extra days added, mostly just extra hours on the days we already have in bracket stage.

On HLL, MarkZ had a crazy idea: Why doesn't Riot just remove Play-Ins? It is by far the worst part of Worlds, with low game quality, but takes up a sizeable portion of the tournament. Currently, the minimum amount of games for Play-Ins in 42, with a maximum of 50 (excluding tiebreakers) - potentially more than any other portion of the tournament. Not only that, but we have these games just so Riot can put up the façade that Wildcard teams are at the tournament and actually have a chance to make it to the Main Event. So instead, just put the Wildcard teams in the tournament by making them the 5th and 6th seeds. Since there are 6 teams in each group, there will be be 5 games played, so just do a single-round robin.

Then, MarkZ says to make a bigger bracket, like double elimination. I think this is actually feasible. Here's how:

The minimum amount of games that can be played in the current format for Play-Ins and Groups (no tiebreakers and all Bo5s end in a 3-0) is 90 games (42 games from Play-Ins and 48 games from Groups). The minimum of games to be played in a new format with 6 team groups and Bo1s (no tiebreakers) is only 60 games (15 games each group, so 15 * 4 = 60)!

So guess what? That leaves room open for a full on double-elimination bracket for the top 3 teams in the Group Stage! The current bracket stage is a minimum of 21 games (7 Bo5s ending in a 3-0). Thus, the total minimum games that can be played in the current Worlds format is 111 games.

In MarkZ new Groups format and with double elim for the top 3 teams in Groups, then the minimum amount of games would only be 114! Why? Because, the double elimination bracket would be a minimum of 18 Bo5s, all ending in a 3-0: 18 * 3 = 54. 54 games in bracket + the 60 games in Groups is 114 games minimum. This leaves room for an extra Bo5 for a bracket reset in the Finals, so if the lower bracket team beats the upper bracket team in the Finals, we can add another 3-0 to the pile for a total of 117 games, thus only adding a minimum of 6 games in the scenario the lower bracket team wins the 1st Bo5 in the Final.

However, there are a lot more maximum number of games (excluding tiebreakers, every Bo5 goes to 5 games 3-2). The maximum games in Play-Ins in the current format is 50 games, and the group stage will be 48 games excluding tiebreakers, for a total of 98 games in the Play-Ins and Bracket. The maximum games in the bracket stage is 35, for a total of 133 games overall. Under MarkZ's Group Stage and a double elimination bracket with bracket reset, the maximum number of games is 155. The Group Stage excluding tiebreakers is 60 games, while the the bracket stage will be a maximum of 95 games over a maximum of 19 series (7 upper bracket, 10 lower bracket, 2 in the Grand Finals due to bracket reset).

Thus, this system adds 22 more games max, and at a minimum only adds in 3-6 more games. This isn't too bad, since only adding a regular double elimination bracket for just the top 2 teams and without a bracket reset would double the amount of series and games in bracket stage, adding in 21 games min and 35 more games max. With bracket reset and 3rd place teams, that would be 12 series a minimum of 36 extra games and a max of 60. Thus, Riot's current Worlds' Play-Ins and Groups structure would have to change in order to accommodate a double elimination bracket, because that is simply too many games to add on top of the 111/133 min/max games.

In regards to scheduling, Riot doesn't have to add several extra days to accommodate the lower bracket. They just showed they are willing to have 2 whole Bo5s on the same day. The 4 matches of Quarterfinals in the Upper Bracket and the 4 matches in the 1st round of the Lower Bracket can all be held over the same 4 day period as usual! Round 2 of the Loser's Bracket can be done over the next 1 or 2 days as well, probably just 1 day to make it faster and move onto the next location ASAP. From there I'm sure Riot could figure out the best way to format the rest of the tournament, since it's similar to many systems we have now like in LCS and PCS.

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WORLDS x EVIL GENIUSES ft. Captain Flower, Ovilee, and CEO Nicole LaPointe Jameson

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Remake changes on PBE



  • Start time reduced from 3:00 to 1:30
  • Window length increased from 30 seconds to 90

The inactivity detection should also be reduced from 180 seconds to 90 as well

Looks like they are finally fixing it.

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People are aware of "champion overlap", like Maokai mains playing Ornn and Vlad mains playing Kassadin. But why are Yuumi OTPs all cracked on Kha'zix and Talon?


It doesn't make sense to me. It feels like half the time I see a Yuumi OTP, their winrate on their champion will be a moderate 48-52% with the bulk of their games played on it. However, it turns out that they're literally Bengi whenever they play Talon or Kha'zix with jawdropping blue or borderline blue KDAs on the champion and 70% winrates.

What is the similarity in playstyle between a safe support enchanter like Yuumi and an extremely aggressive high-risk jungle assassin like Talon?

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Missed Ashe Ult accidentally steals Baron Nashor from across the map

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Champions Queue Update - Expanded Access & Game Quality



  • We’re instituting some changes for Champions Queue Worlds ahead of the Worlds Group Stage
  • We’re expanding access to Champions Queue for former pro players from Worlds Qualifying Leagues and LCS Academy. These new players must have reached Challenger in solo queue this season, be currently located in NA, and undergo a review by the Champions Queue Council
  • To retain CQ access, we’re raising the rank requirement for Amateur players to include having reached Challenger once this season


Greetings, Summoners! Riot Whoopley here — I’m the product lead for Champions Queue.

Champions Queue has gone through several iterations since we first launched it back in February. We spent this year steadily addressing pro player concerns such as the introduction of an MMR system, adjustment of our competitive schedule in Summer, and general quality of life updates. We’re really proud of the progress we made and how we’ve been able to level up the product for Champions Queue Worlds.

CQ Worlds is our chance to stretch the limits of what we’ve built, and overcoming challenges is a part of that process. We’ve seen A LOT of community discussion since the launch of CQ Worlds so we wanted to take some time to talk more in depth about it as well as share a few updates ahead of Groups.



Champions Queue has always actively evaluated its player’s performances, adjusting access when necessary. Champions Queue Worlds is no different — prior to the tournament, we made it clear to all players that this would be a step up, and that the Champions Queue Council would be aggressively addressing reports in order to keep game quality high.

Since CQ Worlds went live, we’ve gotten feedback from pro players that game quality is more inconsistent than they’d like. After consulting the Council, we intend to make the following access adjustment ahead of the Group stage:

In addition to the minimum requirement of Grandmaster, Amateur players who have access to CQ must have also reached Challenger at least once this season to retain access.

We believe this change will provide a meaningful boost in game quality for the pros, while allowing the majority of Amateur players to remain on the server. The CQ Council will continue to monitor and review reports to remove any players as necessary.



When we launched Champions Queue Worlds the access list consisted of:

Original CQ:

  • Current LCS Players
  • Recent ex-LCS Players (Ex: Doublelift, Pobelter)
  • Current LCS Academy Players
  • LCS Amateur Players as qualified by the Proving Grounds Circuit
  • Current LLA Players

CQ Worlds:

  • All Competing Worlds Players
  • Bootcamping Players from an Active Roster in a Worlds-Qualifying League

Based on the recent community conversation, as well as feedback from CQ Worlds participants, it’s become clear that these categories are not inclusive of everyone who would be a good fit for CQ Worlds. While we think the current CQ population is healthy in terms of competitive players, we also view CQ Worlds as an opportunity to be more experimental with access. As such, we’re amending this list to include new access criteria. Additional players may be admitted to Champions Queue Worlds if they are:

  • A former pro player from a Worlds Qualifying League (Ex: LCS, LEC, LCK, etc)


  • A former player from LCS Academy


  • Reached Challenger in Solo Queue this season
  • Located in North America
  • Approved by the CQ Council after thorough review

Players who meet these new requirements can submit an access request by reaching out to their local esports office.

We also want to make one thing clear that has often been mentioned in the community: playing in CQ is not meant to be for content purposes. It is a high quality practice environment and anyone who undermines that goal is not meant to be in Champions Queue. When CQ Worlds is over, we’ll be returning to the original access criteria as established back in February.



From the bottom of our hearts, we want to sincerely thank you for the love you’ve shown CQ Worlds. It means the world to everyone who helps make Champions Queue a reality.

We’re beyond excited to welcome all the Groups teams into CQ and can’t wait to catch all the games. Looking forward to seeing you in the stream chats! widepeepoHappy

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Fiddlesticks can now full clear and be done by 2:59 with 2 smites on PBE. Fiddlesticks can still double clear blue buff and gromp. This clear definitely isn't 100% optimized yet so there is STILL chance for improvement.

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Why is Yuumi allowed to do insane amounts of damage all the while being untargetable?


If you haven't been following Worlds, then you haven't been seeing how much priority teams have been placing on her.

Given that she can deal extreme amounts of damage with Luden's, especially as an untargetable support on a budget (all the games Yuumi has been played in has her dealing lots of damage), I have to ask, how is this healthy for the game balance?

EDIT: (Spoilers for Worlds play-ins) More examples of her doing carry level damage as an untargetable support

Example 1

Example 2

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After 1235 days of waiting, we finally got another BO5 between EU and NA yesterday. How long will it be until the next one? Place your bets!


1235 days. Last time was MSI 2019. 19th May 2019. Feels a life time ago.

Given the current Worlds formats with more LCK and LPL teams than ever before, it's becoming harder for NA and EU to go out of groups and play BO5s.

I fear that it can be a very long time until the next time NA and EU plays a BO5.

What do you think?

  • Later this year in Worlds (this is the based answer)

  • Next year?

  • >3 years like before?

  • Never? (this is the doomer answer)

Place your bets!

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How did T1 Faker become THE mascot for pro League of Legends?


I only started playing after watching Arcane last preseason so I'm not really up to date on the history of league, but I was watching some of the old worlds' anthems and it struck me that Faker is by far and away the most prominently featured pro across almost all the videos.

I'm just curious how he got such a reputation? Obviously I've heard he's good, but is he really that much better than other pros back in the early league days? Is he still considered a top player?

No hate whatsoever. just genuinely curious! Thanks!

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DRX Zeka: "Because I was in the LPL until last year, I didn't really know or figure out what an experienced player can do to a team. But now that I joined DRX and I am playing with BeryL and Deft, they were teaching me so much stuff I didn't know about the game."

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the tattoo is finally done , im so proud of the result fr. the tatto artist did an amazing job with everything

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Is this the most stacked opening day of Worlds groups ever?


This year's opening day of Worlds features an absolutely incredible schedule of games. All 3 NA teams play their first game, and we get some of the most storied matchups of the last few years in G2 vs Damwon and T1 vs EDG. GEN get the chance to cement themselves as the clear top of Group D over RNG, and these games will likely set expectations for the remainder of groups.

And C9 vs FNC for game ONE!? Can't imagine a bigger banger match up. Is this the most stacked opening day of groups ever?

Schedule: https://lolesports.com/schedule?leagues=worlds

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Players should be allowed to try any champs in practice tool


I feel like there have been a lot of preseason changes to make life easier for new players and just making any champ playable in practice tool will be a big one.

I'm not really new to the game been playing on and off since season 10 and right now am saving up BE to get Kayn but also want to try out Leblanc and this made me think that ots about time this was added so that someone likeme can atleast try champs and decide whick ones to get first.

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We should have a year devoted mostly with ASU's just like how we had a year devoted to VGU's back in 2018 that paid off today in 2022 and in the future.


It was 2018 and the year started with the Swain Rework after Evelynn which was the last VGU in 2017, Followed by Irelia. Aatrox soon came after with a full VGU with what people mostly thought was supposed to just a rework in one ability or two and a passive. Among the three, Irelia and Aatrox now become popular picks not just in Ranked but also in Normal games and Aram that allowed them to gain a spot in a guaranteed yearly skin with their new rig. Then after that was followed with the dreaded Akali rework that was correctly assumed with her pesky Obscured mechanic. Though was agreed to be ground breaking, we can't deny that her new kit allowed her to gain a following that would make her a Popular pick than her old one. Nunu followed after, now called Nunu and Willump. Making these two, another new fan favorites with aesthetics and rig that made it appealing to players.

Within this year only two champs were released, Kai'sa and Pyke. Both also popular picks but Kai'sa even more along with Evelynn and Akali because this was the year where League entered mainstream media again when they realized how much money and culture impact they did with K/DA.

And with 3 new and fresh rigs, the skins turned out beautifully. This year Ahri joins them with her future ASU, 4 years after Popstars was released. 2018 ended with Ezreal who was considered a VU since he only had one ability changed, the assumption that we had with Aatrox earlier this year. But the rest were an upgrade and now every epic skins Ezreal has is just a top seller with its effects and we weren't punished for using epics than legendaries. This new popularity in the future even allowed him to get two legendaries in a short span of time than we expected.

Swain, Irelia, Aatrox, Akali and Nunu and Willump are hot sellers. All of the skins they received after the VGU are beautiful and they mostly had better pickrates now than they ever did before, and even if they didn't. They still get good skins. The pay off can now be seen in 2022, 4 years after these were released. Their new popularities allowed characters like Akali to gain a Legendary skin and we can assume Irelia follows after in the near future.

The response from the dev was that a year of VGU's had very low response to the playerbase than it did with new champions. But clearly the pay off is in the long run as now these champs are very popular than they ever did in the past. Ezreal and Morgana in 2019 also had better popularity after the following years. These characters were also now easier to work with.

We can't just settle with one or two VGU's and ASU's a year. We need a year full of these, the pay off is clearly in the long run which was even admitted with the recent Ahri ASU blog. The success shouldn't be viewed in just one year but how it's going to impact their revenue in the future.

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Objective voting : jungler need to know who voted yes


Objective voting is a great features for junglers but it would be even better if we could see which lane voted yes.

Imagine you launch a vote for drake during phase lane, top and mid, at base, vote yes , but botlane voted no. Currently you can't tell who said yes or no, and in this example if you go for drake you'll probably be alone despite 3 yes votes. It would be more efficient if you have an icon stating which role said yes or no. My 2 cents


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How to counter Mordekaiser ult like a professional



Due to posting rules in this subreddit, I must add at least 100 characters to text posts and this video is treated as a "short video" (meaning less than fifteen seconds) therefore I cannot upload it as a video post. So to reach the character quota set out by the subreddit I will meticulously explain this entire eleven-second clip to satisfy their needs.

In this clip, I am playing Mordekaiser jungle and I'm not doing so hot as can be seen by the Mobalytics widget just above the minimap on the right side of the screen. I had the choice of ulting Zyra or Jhin here in an attempt to get a pick to advantage my team with some additional gold. I believe at the time of this clip Jhin was 7/1 and was pretty strong so I elected for the safer option of Zyra. I timed my ult well as Zyra had ulted me and since I was running Ghost/Smite instead of Flash/Smite, it would have been difficult for me to escape her ult. Inside my ult, you can see I walk into the bush so that I could have vision of Zyra to avoid having to guess her position. I also Q immediately after autoing to cancel the remainder of my auto attack animation so that I could have two stacks of my passive in a short amount of time.

This is where the story takes a massive turn. Some would say it is possibly the greatest plot twist in the last decade. Whilst I am chasing the flora sorceress to auto attack her one more time to gain my third and final passive stack so that I could reign terror around myself and burn those around me to ashes. She does the greatest outplay since Faker and Ryu's zed battle. She walks out of my ultimate. A tactic tried by many before in an attempt to escape the Iron Revenant which always failed. It finally worked. Zyra had managed to find the single backdoor left behind in the spaghetti code and escaped...

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The League Client can't display more than 999k BE



For many years I have been collecting Blue Essence for fun and I finally reached my dream milestone.

I hoped to see something fun, but unfortunately the number is just stuck at 999k 😢

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EG vs MAD - First Base Oblivion Orb Healing Reduction Stats Over Time


Source - https://twitter.com/Shakarez/status/1577373416130232340

Purchased by Viktor minute 5 (first base) into Sylas

  • 10:00 - 0 healing reduced
  • 15:00 - 0 healing reduced
  • 20:00 - 0 healing reduced
  • 25:00 - 202 healing reduced
  • 30:00 - 354 healing reduced
  • End of game: - 1109 healing reduced

This is one of many examples of pro play where pros build Oblivion Orb first into Sylas (even on champions such as Akali) and then go onto finishing Morellonomicon instead of just opting to sit on Oblivion Orb and finish more damage items such as Void Staff.

If anything, this specific example makes it clear that even the first base Oblivion Orb instead of components for Lost Chapter likely was not worth it. Really feels like an early Oblivion Orb into Sylas is huge bait, but would love to hear/see evidence to the contrary as maybe I am missing something.

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I've been casting for about nine months, and just had the play-by-play of a lifetime

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A beautiful bait by maokai for the lvl 1 fight

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Kazu on how Japan can improve as a region: "LJL pace is a little bit slower. We would need to raise this pace in order to be more competitive in the global scene."

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r/leagueoflegends 1d ago Tearing Up

Pastrytime announces retirement from casting

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Evil Geniuses vs. MAD Lions / 2022 World Championship Play-In - Qualification Round / Post-Match Discussion



Official page | Leaguepedia | Liquipedia | Live Discussion | Eventvods.com | New to LoL

Evil Geniuses 3-0 MAD Lions

- Evil Geniuses qualify to the Group Stage!

- MAD Lions have been eliminated.

EG | Leaguepedia | Liquipedia | Website | Twitter | Facebook | YouTube
MAD | Leaguepedia | Liquipedia | Website | Twitter | Facebook | YouTube


Winner: Evil Geniuses in 37m
Game Breakdown | Runes

Bans 1 Bans 2 G K T D/B
EG belveth seraphine gnar trundle sejuani 69.5k 14 8 H1 H3 O5 B6 O8 B9
MAD miss fortune hecarim akali braum caitlyn 61.2k 7 3 I2 C4 O7
EG 14-7-37 vs 7-14-16 MAD
Impact aatrox 1 5-1-4 TOP 0-2-5 4 rumble Armut
Inspired maokai 2 0-1-10 JNG 3-1-3 3 vi Elyoya
jojopyun viktor 2 3-2-5 MID 1-4-5 1 sylas Nisqy
Kaori varus 3 4-2-6 BOT 3-3-1 1 draven UNF0RGIVEN
Vulcan tahmkench 3 2-1-12 SUP 0-4-2 2 leona Kaiser


Winner: Evil Geniuses in 24m
Game Breakdown | Runes

Bans 1 Bans 2 G K T D/B
MAD maokai akali leblanc ezreal nilah 39.1k 6 2 H1
EG belveth aatrox hecarim nautilus gnar 50.9k 22 9 C2 H3
MAD 6-22-14 vs 22-6-60 EG
Armut ornn 3 1-4-3 TOP 6-2-12 4 gangplank Impact
Elyoya trundle 2 1-4-3 JNG 3-0-14 1 sejuani Inspired
Nisqy sylas 1 2-6-2 MID 5-2-7 1 sett jojopyun
UNF0RGIVEN draven 2 2-3-2 BOT 7-1-12 3 sivir Kaori
Kaiser alistar 3 0-5-4 SUP 1-1-15 2 yuumi Vulcan


Winner: Evil Geniuses in 28m
Game Breakdown | Runes

Bans 1 Bans 2 G K T D/B
EG belveth seraphine gnar ornn mordekaiser 55.0k 13 10 O2 H3 M4 B5
MAD maokai yuumi aatrox gangplank akali 44.1k 3 2 H1 C6
EG 13-3-27 vs 3-13-8 MAD
Impact sejuani 1 0-0-7 TOP 1-3-2 4 gwen Armut
Inspired lee sin 3 4-0-6 JNG 0-2-2 1 graves Elyoya
jojopyun leblanc 3 3-2-4 MID 1-3-2 3 viktor Nisqy
Kaori aphelios 2 5-1-3 BOT 1-2-0 1 kalista UNF0RGIVEN
Vulcan braum 2 1-0-7 SUP 0-3-2 2 renata glasc Kaiser

Patch 12.18

This thread was created by the Post-Match Team.

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Blitzcrank jungle pentakill at level 12

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