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Spoiler thread One Piece 1073 spoilers


Chapter is out.

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Spoiler thread Chapter 1071 Spoilers




Chapter 1,071: "A hero appears"

In the Color Spread, we can see Uta with all Straw Hat crew. Chapter starts in the Red Line. Real Kuma arrives at Red Port, everyone panicked when they see him. walks towards the World Government's symbol near the lift that connect the port with Mary Geoise.

Back to Egghead Island. Stussy comments that it seems Lucci doesn't intend to obey the Marine's order, hewants to attack Luffy and Vegapunk. CPO agerts block all ports and ships on Egghead Island. Lucci is very angry.

Lucci: "I don't recognize Straw Hat as Yonkou!!" In the lab, all Vegapunks finish packing all they need (we can see just normal bags). The 7 of them will board the Sunny together (but we don't see Atlas in this chapter).

Edison says there's one more person on Egghead Island that can help them. However, Edison is reluctant to contact that person since if he helps them, he can't stay on Egghead Island and will be hunted down by World Government as well. However, real Vegapunk decides to call "that person".

The "mysterious person" speaks to Vegapunk in polite terms (we only see his/her face covered in shadow while he/she talks by Den Den Mushi). Vegapunk seems confident that this "mysterious person" can take care of the CPO while they get away of the island.

Mysterious person: "I've been waiting for your order. Of course will help!!" Suddenly, the "Frontier Dome" disappears although no one in the control room did anything. Lucci wonders if this is a trap, Stussy seems confused too. CPO uses "Ceppou" to approach the lab (only Lucci, Kaku and Stussy, all Seraphim stay with CPO agents). Pythagoras turns the "Frontier Dome" back, but CPO are already inside.

CPO sees the Thousand Sunny at the entrance of the Labophase, and Lucci orders Kaku to destroy the ship.

Kaku is about to destroy the Thousand Sunny with "Rankyaku" but Zoro wakes up and blocks the attack. Zoro and Kaku's fight lasts around 3 panels, but Kaku looks panicked.

Luffy, Chopper and Jinbe reunite with the crew (Bonney is not with them). Robin realizes that real Vegapunk disappears. Cut to another place of the lab, we can see that Bonney is chasing real Vegapunk. Bonney attacks Vegapunk but he begs her to listen. Vegapunk says he can't turn Kuma back but there's a reasonbehind it.

Cut to Kid's crew, they are approaching to Elbaf. We see a massive island silhouette in the mist. Kid is very excited.

Kid: "Elbaf...!!" Cut now to "Marine Base G-14". Vice Admiral Doll is arguing with someone on Den Den Mushi. She says all ships must head to Egghead Island now, they can't spend their forces anywhere else rigth now.

The person she is speaking to is Garp. Garp: "I've just arrived!!" Doll: "What!?" In the last page of the chapter, Garp's ship arrives at G-14 port.delmeppo and Hibari are crying in the port. Garp: "Get on Helmeppo!!

Lets go beat up those pirates and rescue Koby!!!"

End of chapter.

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Spoiler thread Chapter 1070 - Spoilers


Chapter is out, so y'all go to that thread. Was nice havng you!

Page 1

Chapter 1070 - The Strongest Humanity

Cover: Germa 66's Emotionless Voyage Log, vol.27 - The five most promising scientists assembled for the sake of the world and humanity

Page 2

Luffy: "Sorry, this happened because I talked to you!"Sentomaru: "...Idiot! Don't look down on me! I saw it coming... ...And blocked it! (cough) Or so I thought...Lucci: "Obstinate. Just lose consciousness already... With you having a higher "authority precedence" than us...

Page 3

(Lucci:) As long as you're conscious... ...we can't control the Seraphim!Luffy: Gomu Gomu no...! Dawn! (TN: written as white) Whip!

Page 4

(Luffy:) Whoaaah, I can't stop!"

Kaku/Stussy: "Lucci!"

Luffy: "I can't stop, I spun around too much!"

Chopper: "Eeeeeh?! Where are you going, Luffy!"

Luffy:" Aaaaah!"

Vegapunk's staff: "Evacuate to the factory!"

Page 5

Kaku: "The Seraphim just won't stop. This in-fighting is nothing but a loss for us!"

Page 6

Franky: "It's that power, Vegapunk! The ability the "little brat Jinbe" has! That's the power of the "Sui Sui fruit," isn't it?! It's the ability of my sworn brother in the Donquixote family, Senor Pink! And there are no duplicate fruits in this world! Does this mean that guy is dead?!"

Vegapunk: "So you noticed it... He's currently a prisoner in Impel Down!"

Franky: Eh? Then... No way, did you actually make a duplicate "devil fruit"?!"

Vegapunk: "In regards to artificial "devil fruits"... I can only produce Zoan types! Leaving Ceasar's SMILE out of the discussion..."

Nami: "Yeah, that guy'd be better off dead."

Vegapunk: "Even with certain unusual fruits, if I have massive amounts of time and money, ...they can all likely be recreated. That said, "awakening" is as of yet unconfirmed.

Page 7

(Vegapunk:) I tried every approach I could with the Logia type, but they're difficult...However, for the Paramecia type, if I get my hands on the "lineage factor" of the ability user......from that, I can produce a unique type of blood, and it turned out it can be used to confer the ability to others. That's "green blood"!"

S-Snake: "Mero Mero"... "Mellow"! (written as sweet wind)

Page 8

Vegapunk: "The Seraphim are, to my knowledge..."

S-Bear: "Ursus Shock!"

Vegapunk: "...the pinnacle of science! In the history of our oceans..."

CP fodder: "Uwaaah!

"Nami: "And because of that, they abolished the Shichibukai?!"

Franky (and Usopp?): "I can't believe you've made something like this!"

Sanji: "So these things were originally... a Navy weapon!"

Robin: "Yes... From our perspective, they're a threat, aren't they."

Page 9

Vegapunk staff: "Kyaaah!He can still stand...? Run away, Sentoumaru-sama!"

Lucci (lucci cracks his neck) "Soru!"

Luffy: "Daaaaa-hahahahaha!"

Page 10

Lucci: "Strawhat!" (zipping sfx)(spitting sfx)

Page 11

Luffy: "Gomu Gomu no...!(stretching sfx)(stretching sfx)(popping sfx)(zooming sfx) Dawn! Rocket!"

Page 12

Lucci: "What is......this overwhelming power!"

Luffy: "A h-hyahyahya!"

Lucci: "My consciousness......is fading!"

S-Snake: "It's through here, hurry up! That is the Vacuum Rocket! Quickly, get on."

Jinbe: "Why, thank you! You're so much kinder than the Hancok I know!"

S-Snake: "You.. You insolent being! I'm just following orders, that's all!"

One minute until launch.

Chopper: "Heyyy! Hurry up, Luffy!"

Page 13

Sentomaru: "Please refrain from boarding at the last minute. Straw hat! I'm leaving old man Punk to you!"

Luffy: "Gotcha! We'll definitely get him off this island!"

Launching now.

Chopper: "Whoooa, it's fast!"

Jinbe: "This is quite the ride!"

Bonney: "Huh... Where am I? Where's Vegapunk?!"

Probably Chopper: "So you're awake... We're on the Vacuum rocket now...!"

Bonney: Eh?! Who are you?!"

Jinbe: "That's Luffy. There are some circumstances, I'll explain later."

Page 14

"Gyaaah! Aaaaah!"

32 seconds...Now arriving.

"So fast!"

Further trips are all canceled.Strengthening the Egghead Lab Phase Frontier Dome! Infiltrators are present, and dangerous! Researchers should evacuate to the factory. Please seal off the factory once this is completed.

Page 15

Kaku: "In a way, he's commendable. He fulfilled his duty.. as Vegapunk's bodyguard. Too bad.. Sentomaru!"

Stussy: "We've been ordered to wait for the marines."

Lucci: "They'll be able to get away if we wait...!"

Nami/Usopp(?): "Are they seriously aiming for your life?! Aren't you the man with the greatest brainpower in the world?! Seems like a loss for the government!"

Usopp: "What if they think he'll become a threat to them because he's the greatest brainpower in the world?"

Vegapunk: "I don't plan to do that either, though..."

Nami: "I see, that makes sense... So you're in our way. Let's wipe him out."

Usopp: "Don't do that!"

Vegapunk: "And in those circumstances... the fact that you, the crew of a Yonkou, came here must be some kind of fate."

Page 16-17

Franky: "You're gonna board our ship?!"

Nami: "Whoa, that's some serious cargo."

Franky: "By all means, you're welcome! I want you to see Franky Shougun! And see the Sunny!"

Sanji "Hey! If that's your plan, then let go of these bonds on our legs! You ingrate!"

Luffy: "Amazing! What is this place!"

Vegapunk staff: "Get Atlas-sama to treatment and repairs, extreme urgency!"

Jinbe?: "Right, counting on you."

Chopper: "Bonney, where are you going?!"

Bonney: "I still need Vegapunk's answer on turning my father back to how he was! If he keeps being an insect, then I have no choice but to kill him!*

?: "You're just taking your anger out on him!"

Lucci: "Block off every escape route from the island!"

CP agents: "Yes sir!"

Lucci: "Including the real body, there's still 6 more, huh... Man... That defense system sure is powerful." (pigeon sfx) "I won't let a single soul escape from this island!"

Kizaru: "Oohh... The "Strawhat crew"......became allies with Vegapunk?! Then, escape would be simple. But, most likely... It won't turn out like they are expecting. Send as many warships as possible toward Egghead!"

* (TN: If you take her two bubbles as one sentence, she appears to be saying "If his answer is a bug, I'll have no choice but to kill him." I couldn't find evidence that this is a Japanese idiom. Since it's split across two panels, I'm going to assume that she simply didn't finish her first sentence, which happens a lot in JP. But there is a chance she's saying something like "If his answer is ineffectual" or something like that.)

No chapter next week due to holidays, but spoilers will be up as usual.

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Spoiler thread One Piece Chapter 1068 Spoilers



Little summary of the chapter by misel

Chapter 1,068: "A Genius' Dream".

In the cover, Caesar and Judge continue to fight. Over their heads, we can see a ballon with a flashback about their days in MADS.

We can see Vegapunk (with the same outfit as the picture we saw when Kuma described him) and some shadows behind him.

Lucci asks Pythagoras about the incidents where serveral Cipher Pol ships disappeared around Egghead Island.

Pythagoras denies any involvement and insists that the CPO must leave.

Lucci orders CPO agents to prepare to abandon ship. Then they call “S-Bear" (that's how they call Seraphim Kuma) to uses the power of its "Nikyu Nikyu no Mi" to warp all of them to the island.

After they left the warship, the "Sea Beast Weapon" destroy the ship.

In Kamabakka Queendom, real Kuma also uses the power of his "Nikyu Nikyu no Mi" to warp away to an unknown destination.

Back to Egghead Island. Vegapunk reveals to Luffy that his dream is to provide free energy to people all over the world and that way eradicate wars for power resources. Vegapunk thinks he can feel energy in nature.

But as he gets close to discovering new energy source, his research brings him closer to the mysterious ancient energy, and that's why therefore he knows to much, he will soon be erased by the World Government.

That's why Vegapunk asked Luffy to bring him away.

Luffy: "Yes, we'll help you!! Your head is funny!!!".

Vegapunk is very happy, he says he will go packing all he needs.

Vegapunk tells Luffy they will meet at the top floor lab and to bring Bonney there. Then Vegapunk warps away.

Papers 2 CPO arrives to Egghead Island. "Vegapunk's Defense System" appears and start to fight CPO. Nami and her group are watching what's happening in the monitors.

Shaka orders to release "S-Snake”, “S-Hawk" and "S-Shark", and then he gives "control authority" to Sentoumaru (we can see Sentoumaru's image but chapter doesn't confirm is he's actually on the island).

We can see how CPO explores Egghead Island during 2-3 pages of the chapter. Stussy knows all details about the island, she says it brings back memories.

Kaku is very excited and run into some laser traps (Stussy knows the traps but she doesn't warn Kaku).

Atlas appears and attack Lucci, Shaka tries to tell her to stop. Lucci uses "Roku Ou Gan" on Atlas, cracking her head and destroying Atlas completely (it seems Atlas is still alive but half of Atlas' face is broken).

At the end of the chapter we can see Luffy and his group carrying Bonney. Suddenly, they come across Lucci and CPO.

Lucci: "Straw Haw!?"

Luffy: "The pigeon guy!!?"

End of the chapter. No break next week.

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Spoiler thread One Piece chapter 1066 Spoilers






Little Spoiler, thanks to redon from Arlong Park Forums.

- Chapter 1,066: "The will of Ohara".

- Dragon and Vegapunk were in Ohara after World Government attack. They knew Clover.

- After the attack to Ohara, Dragon decided to form an army.

- A group of giants carried all Ohara's books to Elbaf. That group was lead by "someone with bandages all over the body".

- At the end of chapter, Luffy meets real Vegapunk.- Real Vegapunk: "Dragon's son! I know you'd come!!"

redon replying to some comments on the Spanish forum:

Comment: Will the appearance of the real Vegapunk be revealed?

redon: Yeah, we see what he looks like.

Comment: I'm really intrigued by the Dragon - Vegapunk relationship, is it known roughly when Vegapunk started working with the navy? I wonder if it's before the Ohara incident. If so, we could think that Dragon was a marine and after seeing what happened, he decided to rebel... VERY interesting

redon: Everything is explained in the chapter. What I've posted is a short spoiler, it's not everything that appears in the chapter.

(Not sure if this one is legit)-"We will see Ohara flashback after buster call."

Supposedly Vegapunk looks like Albert Einstein

1066 Will of Ohara Cover: Germas and Caesar return to Germa Kingdom

Vegapunk’s flashback: the source of his knowledge is all the books the archeologists dropped into the lake, he also had a massive head

-Dragon asked Vegapunk to join him but the latter think his intelligence will be better utilized in a more resourceful environment, and Vegapunk also wants to be in the government so he can get in touch with Marines that’ll listen

-Dragon dislike that, saying he’ll be like a government lapdog

-Saul, with a group of giants, took all the books to Elbaf

-At the end of the chapter, Luffy meets real Vegapunk inside the robot. His head is smaller compared to the flashback, he has a lid over his head.

Oh and Vegapunk mentioned the war between the ancient kingdom and the 20 nations that happened in the void century

More from redon:

On the subject of the books and where Vegapunk reads them, let me clarify.

  • When Vegapunk arrives in Ohara after the World Government attack, he sees a group of giants taking the books out of the lake.
  • Dragon, who is there with him, tells Vegapunk that they are from Elbaf and that they are commanded by "someone with bandages all over his body".
  • Vegapunk then visits Elbaf and it is there that he reads all the books and memorises the information in them thanks to his intelligence.
  • Vegapunk even talks to Jaguar D. Saul during his stay in Elbaf.
  • Vegapunk says that the war between the "Ancient Kingdom" and the 20 countries of the current World Government took place during the "Void Century".

From ScotchInformer: No break next week!

Editor comments:

しがない 天才科学者現る!!A humble genius scientist appears !!

Translations from OP_SPOILERS

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Spoiler thread Chapter 1067 spoiler




Rough translation



Sorry for late update I just woke up

(There is no way the fuel needed for the Ancient Robot is Cola.... right?)

Also damn we got full chapter on Wednesday night (in my timezone) that is so early!

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Spoiler thread chapter 1063 spoilers



first translations - cleaner version

cleanest translations so far

Thanks to redon from Arlong Park Forums.

Chapter 1063: “My only family".

  • In the cover, we see that Cracker is frozen and Brûlée is crying. Brûlée says Pudding has been kidnapped.
  • Luffy, Chopper, Jinbe and Bonney change their clothes with a special Vegapunk's machine. Luffy, Chopper and Bonney wear futuristic clothes and Jinbe wears hawaiian clothes.
  • They met Kuma, a police robot with uniform. He's different from the real Kuma, he wears round sunglasses and has robotic shoulders.
  • Kuma attacks them. Luffy is about to punch Kuma but Bonney stops him.
  • Bonney says Kuma is her real father and her only family. We can see an image of younger Kuma holding Bonney when she was a child.
  • No news about Zoro's group in the chapter.
  • Cut to another place, we see that Blackbeard is ambushing Law in the middle of the sea.
  • Blackbeard brings with him Jesus Burgess, Van Augur, Doc Q and Stronger. All of them have the power of an Akuma no Mi.

Jesus Burgess:  Riki Riki no Mi (リキリキの実). He has abnormal strength.

Doc Q:  Shiku Shiku no Mi (シクシクの実). He can infect people with sickness ("Shiku" is the Japanese spoken word for "sick").

Van Augur:  Wapu Wapu no Mi (ワプワプの実). He can teleport people ("Wapu" is the Japanese spoken word for "warp").

Stronger:  Uma Uma no Mi Mythical Zoan, Model: Pegasus (ウマウマの実 モデル "ペガサス").

  • Law escapes to a nearby island but Van Augur teleports Burgess first.
  • Burgess lifts an entire mountain and throws it to Law.
  • Doc Q arrives riding Stronger. Blackbeard is on top of them both.
  • Doc Q uses his powers to turn Law into a woman for a moment, but Law uses his Haki to break Doc Q's disease power.
  • Law says that a strong Haki can nullify Akuma no Mi's powers. He says too that he learned a lot from the battle against Kaidou and Big Mom.
  • Blackbeard appears in front of Law. Blackbeard was wondering which one of the 3 captains that left Wanokuni will cross path with him first.
  • In the final page Blackbeard and Law are ready to fight.

Blackbeard: "Kaidou must have had one of them... So I will take all your Road Poneglyph!!"

Law: "I'm ready!! Winner takes all!!!"

End of the chapter


From Redon

"In the chapter you see white lightning when Law uses Haki on him (Doc Q), but not the black lightning we've seen before when someone has used Haki with "Conqueror Haki"."

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Spoiler thread Chapter 1062 Spoilers


Chapter 1062 “Adventure in the Land of Science”Cover: Chocola Town covered in ice-Bonney reveals that her father(Kuma) was made into a weapon by Vegapunk-there’re 6 different Vegapunk because of how occupied he is with research-CP0 agents are coming to kill Vegapunk, they have Seraphim Kuma with them

  • Lucci And kaku and stussy sent to kill vegapunk
  • Seraph kuma has no devil fruit power, which meens serphs cannot copy kuma devil fruit
  • The other punks have there own free will and traits
  • VegaPunk 02 is kinda of evil
  • Cp0 after VegaPunk because World Government and higher up there, thinks he knows too much
  • Lucci, and kaku and stussy new mission is to kill vegapunk

  • Cp0 and seraph kuma are hidding in egg head island
  • Cover story bit of coco island being an iced
  • VegaPunk character similar to Pain from naruto


Text Version :

Chapter 1062 :

Adventure in the Land of Science Cover Story : Germa 66's Ahh... An Emotionless Excursion Vol. 20:"Meanwhile, in Cacao Island, Chocolat Town..."

Page 1 :Franky: "You mean, you're 'THE' Vegapunk?"

Vegapunk Girl: "You're being loud.

"Franky: "Vegapunk!! | truly admire you! I spent 2 yearsback in your research lab at your home country, Baldimore! There's a lot of things I want to show you!

"Usopp: "lt's the Giant Robot of our dreams!!! It's more than ten times bigger than the Franky Shogun!I wish Luffy and Chopper can see this right now!

"Sanji: "A beauty! Vegapunk is a beauty!"

Page 2 :Robin:" Wait! I have never heard of Vegapunk being a girl! The activity period and age appearance doesn'tmatch!

"Vegapunk: "That's right! There's no way I am(SUTERA]! * (Stellar or Stella?) (The Kanji is written as Hontai meaning main body, real body )I am PUNK 02, Vegapunk [RIRISU]! *Kanji reads as Evil/Bad. Katakana reads as RIRISU, LILLITH?( The female demon) Right now we are really tight on our research expenses! Hand over your valuables! After that, I have no more use for all of you!

Nami: "Huh? what are you talking about? We're in the middle of a freezing sea! If you're gonna raise us up,you might as well save us!

Vegapunk: "Like I said, I'm not saving you! Originally,a ship intruding in these waters is impossible! You willbe sunk by these boys and it will all be over!"

Page 3: Vegapunk: "By these [SEA BEAST WEAPONS]!


"Usopp: fear/dread is winning(l'm not sure to my translation here but here itis "As cool as they are, My awe is now replacedwith fear!")

Page 4 :

Nami and Brook: "GYAAAHHH" (bottom right) Someone calling (den den musch): "Hey LILITH!What are you doing? Don't tell me you're plundering again? For once, why don't you show a Scientist' pride!"

Lilith: SHAKA? (Kanji reads as "correct) SHUT UP! Can your pride increase our budget?

"Shaka: Firstly, these folks aren't the type to surrender. They're the Straw Hat crew that became a Yonko (crew)the other day!

Lilith: "I know right? They should have mountain loads of treasure with them!

"Shaka: "Then you're making a mistake.

"Lilith: "Mistake? I have properly captured them! They won't be escaping from me!"Shaka: "You're really underestimating them. Look at the swordsman on that ship."

Page 5 : SHAKA:"That's the one with a bounty of 1.111 Berries,Pirate Hunter Zoro. The thing that's making him calm at the moment, is the fact that at that distance, he is appraising that he can instantly kill you right away. The same with the one at the back, Devil Child- Nico Robin.

"LILLITH: "But what they can possibly do with this number of [SEA BEAST WEAPONS]?

SHAKA: "The strong always see through the enemy first before cutting them down. You should also think carefully.

"LILLITH: "The idiots dancing around are actually the decoys? I've let my guard down.

"ZORO: "Hey Vegapunk. I have a request. Is that alright?"

Page 6 :SHAKA:"Forget about it, Just bring them over. l'm interested in that crew."

LUFFY: "Is there a reason for you coming here?"

BONNEY: "When I was a kid, this was just a normal laboratory back then..."

Luffy: "So what have you come for this time?

"BONNEY: "Depending on his answer, I would have Vegapunk die!"

LUFFY/CHOPPER: "EHHH"BONNEY: "My father was... turned into a cyborg by Vegapunk's hands!"


"BONNEY: "Right now, he doesn't have a human consciousness anymore, he doesn't even know himself.He was just made into nothing more than a living weapon!"

JINBE: "My word, that's not a nice story at all!"

BONNEY: "Yeah, I won't forgive him..."

LUFFY: "l'm so-sorry Boggy..."



Page 7 :CHOPPER: "We're finally out on the surface!"

LUFFY: "RIGHT THEN, Let's find some fooWooOAHHHHH!"

BONNEY: Thought Bubble: "Oh that's right, I've met Sabo in Mary Geoise... well never mind that, right now..."


PAGE 8 :JINBE: "What in the world?"

LUFFY: "Tm gonna go ride that!"

BONNEY: "HEY! We're intruders here you know!


CHOPPER: "Be careful Luffy!"




JINBE: "Hey, you alright?"

LUFFY: "Whaa? I was sure I felt I was eaten..



JINBE: "Hey wait you guys! There's no way that a huge amount of food will be conveniently left out like tha tin the open! It might be some kind of trap!"

PAGE 10 :


BONNEY: "It's right there but we can't get it!"

CHOPPER: "This is making me even more hungrier!"

LUFFY: "Don't tell me, at some point, we have sudddenly died?"

JINBE: "There's no way our body became ghostly. This parfait must be a 'HOLOGRAM'. It's my first time seeingit."


BONNEY: "This is a three-dimensional video/image'made from light. This is something straight out of a fantasy world from a picture book!"LUFFY: "A VIDEO??" ("AN IMAGE?")

PAGE 11 :LUFFY: "That space monster, that's why I went through it

JINBE: "It must be the same with that giant robot.There's no way you can make something like that!"CHOPPER: "Hey, I wonder what this is? There are picture of foods and buttons in it!

"BONNEY: "You better stop. Everything in this island seems to be fake."

JINBE: "Just now, have you noticed? Even if the coastal waters around here is on a freezing sea,inside here..."

PUNK 06: "This is a 'Southern Country', although it is indeed a Winter Island. With the 'ISLAND AIRCON' I invented, I can freely control the temperature of the ground up to the island itself!"

LUFFY: "You're a 'HORO-HORO' too right?"*punch *clunk *oof *ehh

PUNK 06: "ONDORAAA!"(Hyogou dialect insult means bastard)

Page 12 :LUFFY: Sorry!Eh?Eh?Ehhh?!

BONNEY: A hamburger came out with a drink and fries!! Eh? Who made this? I can touch it!


BONNEY, LUFFY AND CHOPPER: "So good!"CHOPPER: "Press the next one, the next!"

LUFFY: "Steak"! "Omelette rice"! "Tonkatsu"!Cotton Candy"! "Cake"!"


PUNK O6: I'm glad you like it. That's an"Unmanned cooking machine"!

PAGE 13 :

PUNK 06: "As long as there's ingredients, it can serve500 types of meals within a minute!""The "Do what you can with surplus ingredients" modeis the best!"

LUFFY/BONNEY: "Pizza"! "Pasta"!(textbox obscured by idiots)

PUNK 06: "If it's only made according to the blueprint!But we only have a few engineers so l can't do massproduction!

"(Punch the monster)monster : Gyaoh!

PUNK 06: "The "island air conditioning" is the same! It can manage the temperature throughout the island.Which also means it can detect the activities of organisms throughout the island!If we could spend more money, we could even control the weather! But the world doesn't have enough capital for that technology!"

BONNEY: "You punched a "hologram"?!

LUFFY/CHOPPER: "Waffle"! "Fried shrimp"!PUNK 06: "That's right! With these "Photon Pressure Gloves", the light can act as more than just an exhibit!P29: HI!PUNKO6: "The moment a person touches something,they acknowledge it as an "object"! right?"

LUFFY: "Eh? That one, it's not there?"

Page 14 :PUNK 06: "Whether "it's there" or "it's not there".You guys decide that for yourselves. To me, words likethat are a concept from a past age.

"JINBE: "So, what are you exactly?"

PUNK 06: "Me, huh.. I was hired as the humble"genius scientist, DOCTOR VEGAPUNK!"Eeeehhh?!(Dr. Vegapunk "Atlas")(TN: written as "violence," pronounced as Atlas)

(Bonney thinking) Liar. What is this thing saying...

LUFFY: You're Vegapunk?! I know that name! Koby mentioned it!

Page 15 :(The new world) KAKU: "In other words... What are we supposed to do?"No, listen, Lucci. Vegapunk is alone! But they're too much of a genius, and too busy! They don't have enough time. You know that saying, "Id even take a helping hand from a cat," right

Obscured part: KAKU: and then he thought, I will disperse myself into 6 persons!"*So that means these six people are "cats"... All of the mare Dr. Vegapunk.(Dr. Vegapunk)

(PUNK-O6, written as Desire, pronounced as Yohwa-not sure what this is a reference to)

(PUNK-05, written as Violence, pronounced as Atlas)

(PUNK-04, written as Knowledge, pronouncedas Pythagoras)

(PUNK-O3, written as Feelings, pronounced as Edison)

(PUNK-02, written as Evil, pronounced as Lilith)

(PUNK-01, written as Correct, pronounced as Shaka)

LUCCI: "Am I the one strange in thinking that 'there's no such thing like that'? "Geniuses" really are a pain," huh...

Page 16 Last

LUCCI: "To summarize, we return this shitty brat to "Egghead"..And "wipe out every Vegapunk".. That's the mission.

KAKU: "The laboratory is full of precious items... Do it while being careful about those.

LUCCI: "Wiping out the most useful man in the world... Is there some connection to the incident at Lulucia the otherday...?

STUSSY: "Not taking inquiries... Especially from someone with good intuition like you!"

KAKU: "You've said it! Please don't involve us Lucci!"(he said Mattaku ja! Washira o makikomande kure Lucci!)

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Spoiler thread One Piece Chapter 1061 Spoilers



Rough translation Thanks to reddit user Specialist_Cycle8308

Chapter Title: Egghead, Island of the Future

Page 1

Luffy: Who’s that? She came out of the ocean!

Bonny: Cough cough ugh

Bonny: Who!? I’m safe… wait where’s the monster!?

Bonny: It’s still there below!! Look down!!

Nami: Good, she seems ok!

Zoro: Oi, where are Luffy and the others going??

Franky: The kid is shouting something!

Sanji: She said look down!

Page 2

Crew: ahhhhhhhh!! There’s something down below!!!” “That thing is scary run!!!!

Page 3

Crew: ahhh

Zoro: Shark!? But it’s too big and it’s metal?

Crew: Grab onto something we’re about to land!

Jinbei: Shit, Luffy and them fell in to the water. This is bad!

Jinbei: Franky, take care of the helm and bring the ship to where we are gonna be

Franky: You got it!

Page 4

Crew ahhhhh “Shipbottom!!”


Shark robot boom!!

Page 5

Crew: whoaaaa what is that?

Franky: Shit, we are all gonna fall!

Sanji: Robin chaan, Nami saaaan!!

Page 6

Jinbei: Luffy, Chopper, don’t worry I’m here! What was the sound of explosives?

Jinbei: The waves are too strong. It’s gonna be hard to navigate the ship like this


Page 7

Jinbei: cannon!? We’re gonna dive into the ocean everyone hold your breath!!

Luffy/Bonney/chopper all taking a deep breath Boom!!!!!

Ship crew: The calm is too fast we can’t get back up like this!

Shark robot: “hungry tongue sound”

Page 8

Shark robot “!!?”

Boom!! Another Franky like robot smashes The shark

Page 9

A nearby island, marine base G14

Tashigi: Everyone it’s time for tea! Do your best!

Kids: We are only drinking this because you say so. Ewww yuck!! Gross!!

Big girl: I think we’ve gotten a lot smaller!

Tashigi: I agree mocha good job!!

G-14 Vice Admiral "Doll": Tashigi got a sec? Can you do something about that shitty brat helmeppo?

Tashigi: i don’t think I can do anything like that… Koby is his best friend and even for me is a Kohai (younger student)

Page 10

Helmeppo: I beg you guys please!! Aren’t we on the same side?

Marine captain Hibari: I beg you too! Coby has done alot to help me too! (she is speaking very weird Japanese lol)

Helmeppo: Please take me to the pirate island too “prince”!!

Hibari please prince!!

(This new sword is whatever rank is below vice admiral in English, Prince Gurus is his name)

Prince: We are talking about pirate island here! Blackbeards home base!! If we poke at them all the pirates will come out like bees!!

Helmeppo: We are close to egghead island.. can we please bring out the seraphim…

Prince: Both of you calm down for a second.. we can’t even get a hold of Drake right now.. you guys need to understand we can’t do anything right now!

Page 11

Luffy’s group

Bonny: You guys don’t know who I am? I’m called one of the worst generation like you! Our names were side by side and I was at shabody 2 years ago too!

Luffy: ohhh your WG(worst generation) too?

Bonney: I’m Bonney… I’m an enemy remember that..: but thank you for saving me…

Luffy: don’t worry about it Bogey!”

Luffy: ahh that’s cold!

Bonney: what was up with your wanted poster anyways? We thought your hair turned white and the newspaper was making a fuss about it too

Luffy: ahh yah that’s how I look when I’m free!

((I can’t see top left bubble bc of watermark))

Luffy: but hey it worked out right?

Bonney: and Jinbei is with you too….

Page 12

Jinbei: What happened to your ship and crew?

Bonney: I came here by my self, tho my ship was eaten by that metal monster, I’m getting hungry..

Luffy: let’s find a restaurant! I’m hungry too

Chopper: Luffy, you have money?

Bonney: hey idiots there is no restaurant here this is a governments island… Fine I’ll tel you

Bonney: This is egghead island, they call it the island 500 years in the future, vegapunks lab island

Luffy: Vegapunk!!??? I know that name!

Bonney: I’m here because I have business with him!

Page 13

Franky: giant..giant…

Usopp: robot!!!

Girl: ughhh failure again.. why is it that I can’t control a beings “lust”

Sanji: someone’s coming out!

Page 14

Girl: ahh this is troublesome

Franky: I don’t know who you are but thank you. you saved us!

Girl: what I told the mecha shark was observe, report and shoot fire, if he eats them we won’t have the gold left… a program mistake on my part…

Girl: anyways.. who said I was gonna save you pirates..!! I’m hired by the government.:: Dr Vegapunk!!!

(Note that the way her speech is spelled out in Japanese is that of an old man)

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Spoiler thread Chapter 1044 spoilers


Full summary, thanks to redon from Arlong Park Forums.

Chapter 1,044: “Warrior of Liberation”.

Germa 66's Ahh… Emotionless Excursion, Vol. 8 “Mom is on an expedition. Research started!!” On the cover, Oven has left the prisoners' book (open on Niji and Yonji pages) in a room where some of his brothers/sisters are (Prim, Kato, Brownie and Anana). As Oven says goodbye, his brothers/sisters prepare to start all kinds of investigations on Niji and Yonji's bodies (using knives, saws, hammers, lasers...).

Chapter starts with Luffy talking, although we cannot see him close-up. The sound of the drums is getting louder.

Luffy: "What happened? I...

Why? ...How am I able to get up if I lost.

I suddenly feel so much fun...


As Luffy speaks, we see in a distant shot that black lightnings come out of Luffy's body.

Zunesha is still with the World Government ships in the sea near Wanokuni. Momonosuke looks at the roof of Onigashima, he's very upset and even trembles.

Momonosuke: "Joy Boy…!?

Do you mean Luffy!?"

Yamato: "Is that... what Zunesha said!!?"

In the “Pleasure Hall” of the Leftbrain Tower, we see that Some is taking care of Sanji (he is lying on a futon). Suddenly, Sanji gets up because he senses something and looks up.

Some: "Eh!


Sanji: "...!!

Hah, hah...


On the Live Floor, Luffy's allies are also feeling something. Kid, Law and Hyougorou look up.

Kid: "What!?"

Hyougorou: "Ah...

Is that Straw Hat...!?"

Marco also feels something and tells it to Nami and Tama, who are crying as they hug.

Marco: "Straw Hat...!?

Hey! He is still breathing.

Nami: "Is Luffy alive!!?"

Tama: "Is he really alive!!? Aniki~~~"

We travel now to the Holy Land of Mary Geoise, to the “Room of Authority” in Pangea Castle. Gorousei continues talking about the situation in Wanokuni. One of them wonders if it's worth it losing a top agent and anger Kaidou. Gorousei with dreadlocks replies that it's worth it, especially considering the future that this situation may lead to.

Swordsman Gorousei: "The “World Government” tries to keep the “Gomu Gomu no Mi” with them in every era... But, somehow, the fruit always gets away. And 800 years have passed...!!"

Gorousei with big beard and mustache: "It's like if that “Akuma no Mi” tries to escape from them."

Gorousei with a spot on his head: "It is possible, since we know Zoan fruits have minds of their own.

And that fruit has the name of a “God”...

The other name of the “Gomu Gomu no Mi” is..."

Blond Gorousei: "“Hito Hito no Mi” (Human-Human Fruit) Mythical Zoan... Model “Nika”."

As the Gorousei says this, in a magnificent and epic double page we see the silhouette of Luffy with the full Moon in the background. His silhouette is identical to Nika's (without weapons in his hands). Although we only see a black silhouette, it's clear that Luffy is laughing. In addition, the sound of drums continues.

Luffy: "Ahahahahahaha!!!"

Gorousei continues speaking, as we see a close-up of the silhouette of Luffy's face. He's laughing.

Gorousei: "His body has the properties of rubber.

And he can fight in any way he wishes... Making people smile wherever he goes.

He is the “Warrior of Liberation”, also known as...

“Nika, the Sun God”.

Awakening will give the rubber body even more “strength” and “freedom”.

It is said that...

it's the most ridiculous power in the world!!"

Cut to the “Treasure Hall” on the 2nd floor of Onigashima castle. Orochi is still trapped under the rubble.

Orochi: "Hey... Hiyori!!

I... I appreciated Oden too...!!

I was... used by Kaidou!!

Let's run away from here together...!! Now take the needles off..."

Hiyori: "My father kept his promise, right?

He believed in the promise you and Kaidou made him to free “Wanokuni”.

During 5 years, my father was dancing in a funny way...!!

Even against his family!!

My father kept his promise!!

He believed in the promise to free them all.

He even endured 1 hour burning in boiling oil...!!

He was always laughing... Even if the life of an entire country was hijacked.

My father endured all that pain alone!!!"

We see a small flashback between Oden and Hiyori.

Oden: "What's wrong Hiyori~~~?"

Hiyori: "Father, are you fine with every body talking bad about you?"

Oden: "Yeah, I'm fine with it.

Why you ask...?

That's because...

I've got you guys by my side!!"

Hiyori: "Really!? Then let's stay together forever."

Back to the present, Orochi talks now.

Orochi: "Oh yes!!

Oden was such a great samurai!!

As a “Shogun”, I shall honor your father..."

Hiyori: "..."

Hiyori takes off her mask and yells in anger at Orochi while she cries tears of pain.

Hiyori: "My name is “Kouzuki Hiyori”!!!

Be silence, you insolent man!!!"

Orochi: "Ehhh!!!"

Hiyori: "Even at times when I had an empty stomach and putting on broken fabric!!

I live proudly up to my father's name!!

You shouldn't be in “Shogun” position for even just one day!!

You are a pathetic fool!!!

And as your foolishness grew, so are the innocent lives perishing in vain!!"

Orochi is very scared after Hiyori's words.

Orochi: "You're not going to do anything to me, right!!?

Revenge isn't very popular nowadays!!

And even if you kill me, you have no chance of defeating Kaidou!!"

Suddenly, a little version of Kanjuurou's Kazenbo returns to where Orochi and Hiyori are.

Kanjuurou's Kazenbo: "Orochi-sama..."

Orochi: "Huh?"

Kanjuurou's Kazenbo: "I... fai... led..."

Orochi: "Kanjuurou!?

You returned at the right time!! This turns the tables!!

Burn that woman until she dies!!!

What a tragicomedy! Remains of the “Kouzuki”, have you seen it?

This is the “luck” of the strongest!!!"

Kanjuurou's Kazenbo: "Orochi-sama..."

Orochi: "Eh!? Hey!!

What the hell are you doing!!!


Kanjuurou's Kazenbo ignores Orochi's words and instead of going for Hiyori, it goes for Orochi, who begins to burn violently. Hiyori looks at him still with tears in her eyes.

Hiyori: "The “dawn” will come."

Orochi : "Stupid Kanjuurou, what have you done!!!

Hiyori, help me!!!"

Hiyori: "“Kouzuki” house... always keeps its promises!!"

Back to the roof of Onigashima, there we see again the silhouette of Luffy with the full Moon in the background.

Luffy: "...

I feel like I can do anything I want...!!

My heartbeat sounds so fun!!

This is my highest peak...!!

This is... “Gear Fith”!!!”

Back to the Live Floor, a huge blast of Color of the Supreme King Haki comes from above. A lot of black lightnings pierce through the roof and Kaidou's subordinates begin to fall unconscious with foam at the mouth. Kaidou looks worried at the roof.

Kaidou: "What's up there on the roof...!!!"

In a huge double spread, we see that the roof begins to break and Luffy's arm appears from the hole. The arm is massive and it grabs Kaidou's body in dragon form without difficulty. Everyone looks at the scene shocked.

Kid: "Straw Hat...!?"

Chopper (crying): "Luffy~~~~~!!?"

Luffy pulls Kaidou up (Kaidou's eyes popping out, like a cartoon) and drags him easily to the roof. Luffy then increases his muscle mass (as in the leaked picture) and starts spinning wildly Kaidou's body. Kaidou's face looks again like a cartoon, his eyes are popping out one more time.

Luffy stops spinning and starts slamming Kaidou back and forth on the ground, until Luffy lets go him. Kaidou gets up dizzy, with a bump on his head and little stars coming out of it (again like a cartoon). Luffy can't stop laughing.

Luffy: "Hah. Hah.


Kaidou: "...!!

Straw Hay...!! You are alive...!!

Thank you.

“Bolo Breath”!!!"

Luffy: "Ahahahaha!!



Luffy (who has returned to his normal form) is lying on the ground laughing non-stop, but when he sees Kaidou's “Bolo Breath”, he screams surprised. His eyes also pop out like a cartoon, but it's more excessive than Kaidou's (Luffy acts like Jim Carrey's character in the movie "The Mask").

Luffy grabs the ground with his hands and stretches it out, causing the ground turns into rubber. Kaidou's “Bolo Breath” hits the ground, but since it's now rubber, it doesn't get destroyed and holds back the attack. Luffy changes back to his muscled form and pulls the piece of ground, causing the “Bolo Breath” bounces back to Kaidou. There's a huge explosion.

We finally see Luffy full body clearly. His physical appearance is almost the same as always, although his shirt is now white instead of black (we'll see the actual color that Oda gives to the shirt). His hair now looks like flames and he has that "vapour collar" around his neck and under his armpits (like in Gear 4 form). His eyebrows are now curled (similar to Sanji's) and the pupils of his eyes have changed (check leaked picture to see Luffy's face).

Luffy laughs non-stop again as Kaidou stands up. “Gear Fith” is officially presented.

Luffy: "Ahyahyahya!!"

Kaidou: "...!! I'm sorry for what happened earlier, I was STUPID...!!

I didn't want to win like that."

Luffy looks at Kaidou with determination and a smile on his face.

Luffy: "Don't mention it!!

Let's end this!!!"

End of the chapter.


Luffy's Face

Luffy's Body

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Spoiler thread One Piece Chapter 1041 Spoilers


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