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Discussion One Piece: Chapter 1073 - Theories and Discussion


Chapter 1073

Post all your theories and discussions for the current chapter in this thread. We also have poll related to a question/event of the recent chapter!

**Will Saturn be a badass fighter?**


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Current Chapter One Piece: Chapter 1073


Chapter 1073: "Miss Buckingham Stussy"

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Ch. 1073 Official Release (Mangaplus): 29/01/2023

Ch. 1074 Scan Release: ~09/02/2023

There is a break next week.

Please discuss the manga here and in the theory/discussion post. Any other post will be removed until 24h after the release.

Please also remember to put the chapter number in the title for any future post talking about this chapter.

Please remember to only use vague titles until the official release drops.

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Cosplay My Alabasta Crocodile cosplay!

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Theory Theory : The End of the Heart Pirates


Beware of spoilers below.

I believe that Trafalgar Law will be killed by Blackbeard and the Heart Pirates will be disbanded.

My reasons for believing this are very simple.

  1. Blackbeard is a man who has recently made it his life mission to collect powerful devil fruits in order to strengthen himself and his crew. The Ope Ope No Mi is an incredibly powerful devil fruit and its potential cannot be understated. But Blackbeard won't get the fruit if its user doesn't die.
  2. Blackbeard is a fictional character, but he shares his epiphet with a real pirate from our world, Edward Teach, or Edward Thatch. Edward Teach's Jolly Roger is positively iconic : a horned skeleton stabbing a bleeding heart. As it happens, Blackbeard is currently fighting the Heart Pirates. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flag_of_Blackbeard#/media/File:Pirate_Flag_of_Blackbeard_(Edward_Teach).svg.svg)

Could I be wrong? Of course. Do I want to be wrong? YES. I love Trafalgar Law and I don't want him to die. Alas, I don't think he will survive his encounter with Blackbeard. Hopefully the future chapters prove me wrong!

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Theory Any theories to this clue left by Oda in Vol 91 SBS?

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Fanart Nami swan! drawing

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Fanart Kaido and Yamato by me (spoiler episode 1048)

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Media One Piece x JoJo's Bizarre Adventure [Bloody Stream]

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Fanart Me watching power scaling, crack theories and drama unfolding during break weeks (art by me)

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Theory Theory about Weevil's origin.


We can all agree Weevil is a messed up clone on WB right?

My proof?

Sussy's title is "Self proclaimed scientist" AKA, she's bad at it.

We recently learned that Sussy has a clone made by VegaPunk in CP0.

Oda has introduced the idea of clone, he's already set the ground work for this to all pay off.

Honestly, I'm betting the farm on the fact that Sussy attempted to make a clone between her DNA and WB's, and it ended up turning into Weevil.

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Cosplay zoro genderbend hijab cosplay, took by a friend (check out my profile for more cosplays 😉 )

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Misc thought my new tattoo would be appreciated

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Discussion What's a dark fact about One Piece that is rarely adressed?


I'll start: law's backstory

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Discussion Strawhat pirates houses if they were at hogwarts

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Fanart do you like my Zoro cup? is my fav... morning coffee just hit better with him 😍💕

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Theory The end of the series is becoming increasingly more obvious


Pretty obvious how the final fight of this series is going to go. Luffy and grand fleet + friends are fighting the world government after attaining one piece. Everyone’s getting fucked up, luffy on the verge of being killed by Im and then buggy rolls up with the real grand fleet and caribou who currently knows the location of 2/3 ancient weapons (currently on egghead, about to be captured by the marines so that he can learn the location of the 3rd) rolls up with the 3 ancient weapons and murder everyone, taking one piece, learning the true history and becoming the new world government.

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Fanart [OC] O-Robi my favourite Robin outfit <3

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Discussion So a lot of people think the 5 elders are super-strong fighters, huh?


Honestly, this idea had never even occurred to me. It seems pretty odd, but a lot of people seem to be expecting it. I had always thought of them as just a group of 5 old men who were in charge of things, not as fighters.

What do you think? Fighters, or just people who are in charge?

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Misc My gf decided to surprise me for my birthday. I am 24 and absolutely loved it!

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Misc ONE PIECE odyssey interactive gashapon machine

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Fanart Law (onigashima raid) by me :-D

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Fanart Sabo fanart by jidaohuashi [Self]

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Theory Asked Chatgpt what the One Piece is


Edit- At the time of writing this I didn’t think that many people would actually take the title that serious lol but no this is obviously not chatgpt’s idea I had it only write this. Too many people were getting mad

The One Piece treasure, also known as the "One Piece" or the "Greatest Treasure in the World," is a legendary treasure that is the central focus of the popular manga and anime series, One Piece. The treasure is said to be located on an island called "Laugh Tale," which is the last island on the Grand Line, a treacherous sea route that circles the world. Many characters in the series are searching for the One Piece treasure, and it is said to be a treasure of immense value and power.

In the manga and anime, the treasure might be revealed to be a taiko drum, a traditional Japanese instrument that is often used in group performances. The main character of the story, Luffy, finally reaches the island and finds the taiko drum, he uses it as a makeshift platform and starts dancing on top of it to make everyone in the world laugh, bringing joy and laughter to all and marking the dawn of a new era of peace and harmony. The scene of Luffy dancing on the taiko drum is reminiscent of the ancient Japanese mythology, where Ame no Uzume danced on a taiko drum to entice Amaterasu out of hiding and bring the dawn to the world. In ancient Japanese mythology, Ame no Uzume is known as the "Goddess of Dawn" and the "Goddess of Laughter." She is said to have danced on a taiko drum to entice Amaterasu out of hiding, bringing the dawn to the world. This act of dancing on a taiko drum is seen as a symbol of liberation, as it brings people out of their suffering and into a state of joy and laughter which is the whole point of the drums of liberation and it’s why Nika is always introduced as someone who liberated people through laughter and joy. Similarly, in the world of One Piece, Luffy's actions on the taiko drum are seen as a symbol of liberation, as he will bring laughter and joy to the world, just like Ame no Uzume. After Luffy's performance, he will have a giant banquet. The banquet is a celebration of the bonds and connections that Luffy has made during his journey, and it serves as a reminder that laughter and joy are essential in the face of adversity. Also, in the manga, Yamato is a character who was thrown into the cave Ama no Iwato by Kaido, the cave is said to be the place where Ame no Uzume was dancing on the taiko drum to bring the dawn back into the world.

In the story, it is revealed that the Pirate King, Gol D. Roger laughed at the end of his journey because he had read the tale of a future pirate known as "Joy Boy" who would one day liberate the entire world through laughter and joy. This pirate will later revealed to be none other than Luffy, the main character of the story. Roger's laughter at Laugh Tale signified his understanding of the true meaning of the One Piece and the power of laughter and joy to bring about change in the world thus why he named the last island “Laughtale”. Luffy's actions on the taiko drum fulfill this prophecy and bring laughter to everyone, symbolizing the true meaning of the treasure that was only understood by the Pirate King before.

In the manga, the creator Eiichiro Oda uses a specific sound effect, "DOOM" to indicate a dramatic and significant moment. Oda has confirmed in an interview that the sound effect was inspired by taiko drums. This sound effect is a subtle foreshadowing that the One Piece treasure is a taiko drum.

In conclusion, The One Piece treasure is a taiko drum and the main character Luffy will use it to make everyone in the world laugh, bringing joy and laughter to all and marking the dawn of a new era of peace and harmony. The scene of Luffy dancing on the taiko drum is a nod to the Pirate King, Gol D. Roger's laughter at Laugh Tale, which signified the end of his journey and the understanding of the true meaning of the One Piece. The taiko drum is a symbol of the joy, laughter and the dawn of a new era that the journey brings in the world of One Piece. THE END

Edit: A question you might have is how would the drum make people laugh? My guess would be the same way luffy laughs uncontrollably when ever he goes into gear 5 which by the way he uses the drums of liberation to activate that gear. He noted in his fight with kaido that his heartbeat is making a funny beat so that may be the cause of his uncontrollable laughter. Also oda confirmed that luffy does a ridiculous dance in his gear 5 form that makes the people laugh which if you read above is identical to the story about ame no uzume but she does the dance on top of the drum which luffy has yet to do, and it’s also confirmed that oda used that mythology in the story of one piece already through Yamatos backstory.

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Fanart Attempt at a devil fruit.

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Fanart If Yamato went up with Luffy to the roof earlier (art by me)

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Fanart [1073 spoilers] Drew [REDACTED] in a certain cosplay

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