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Scene from 'Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story' compared to the actual trial in 1992 Video

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u/CaffeineSippingMan Sep 22 '22

Funny, the left seemed over the top, until you watched the right side.


u/bearbarebere Sep 22 '22

I feel this way about 3D models. Post some on Reddit and everyone goes “NEEDS MORE GRUNGE, OBJECTS DONT LOOK LIKE THAT IRL” but really there are some (a few) cases where it does.

Made me realize that what matters in art that tries to be realistic isn’t realism, but what the audience perceive as real and are expecting ‘real’ to be, even if it’s more unrealistic than reality.


u/Mike Sep 22 '22

Look at Amazon product pictures. So many of them are 3D renders, especially the products straight from China that you can find for a fraction of the price on AliExpress, but it works in the instance because people want to believe they’re real so they’re more inclined to buy.


u/bearbarebere Sep 22 '22

Huh, I never considered this. Now I feel dumb lol


u/spliffiam36 Sep 22 '22

Well yeah... thats why ppl say that most of the time. Cuz there aren't many cases where surface imperfections wouldn't exist. Can you name one? I genuinely cannot think of a surface that would not have some even if it is quite subtle


u/bearbarebere Sep 22 '22

“quite subtle” means that you wouldn’t notice them from more than a few feet away, but people discussing 3D renders feel like it should be covered in grime lol. I’m mostly exaggerating about that. One example is a brand new phone, such as the ones used in advertisements where they’re like spinning around or floating. People will be like NEEDS MORE GRUNGE


u/spliffiam36 Sep 23 '22

yeaah fk that, but ofc proper surface imperfections are super important


u/bearbarebere Sep 26 '22

Hahaha true. I will say that when they're missing it does make things look shockingly odd.


u/fremeer Sep 22 '22

Sometimes real life can be more over the top then movies. So much so that it a movie actually mimics real life audiences will think the movie is too contrived or fake.


u/greg19735 Sep 22 '22

This might actually be part of it.

Lets imagine the actor gives even more shown emotion, it'll look bonkers. Completely unhinged.

if you get 90% off the way there you'll still look similar enough but still believable.


u/CrassDemon Sep 22 '22

They probably have a take that's exactly like the real one and some producer watched it and said "I don't believe anyone would behave like this in a courtroom, make it more realistic.".


u/Top_Rest231 Sep 22 '22

I watched the real one on youtube and I gotta say, even though it was more out of control and over the top like you're saying, it also had far more authenticity and didn't come off as a rehearsed speech.


u/YoungAndChad69 Sep 22 '22

Black women tend to react over the top like that


u/Tankh Sep 22 '22

It's just like politics!