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[MEGATHREAD] Cost of Living - Energy, Interest Rates, Inflation, Fuel, etc


Given the number of posts, we're removing a lot of these items under 'Common Topic', and receiving lightening-speed reports when they do come up.

However, we know a lot of you are struggling, and not getting the answers you need via subreddit search, or internet search engines.

So to give you guys a space, and to stop the flooding of similar queries, you are more than welcome to use this submission here.

r/AskUK 9h ago

Will there ever be this supposed housing market crash?


People have been saying it for years but it never seems to happen..

r/AskUK 1h ago

What's been your worst encounter with an absolute jobsworth?


ID'd for energy drinks, twice, same person, same day as a visibly middle aged man.

Not a discussion on age limits for energy drinks, this person is an absolute chode, trust me.

r/AskUK 7h ago

What's a small part of your week that you look forward to?


And don't say the weekend!

I'll give an example - on my walk to the gym there's a family of squirrels living in a bush along the footpath. Brightens my 7am dark and gloomy start to the day seeing them run after eachother.

r/AskUK 6h ago

Do you believe in herbal remedies? Is this common in the UK?


My Pakistani mother will prescribe a herbal remedy for everything. Ginger for when you get sick, turmeric to soothe the stomach and a million other things.

In addition to going to the doctor ofcourse. But the first port of call is always the home made recepies before escalating to a panadol. I was speaking to some british friends and they didnt really have anything like this.

So generally would a herbal remedy be something you would try before going to the doctor?

r/AskUK 10h ago

Mentions Sheffield When someone asks "where are you from?" do you respond with where you live now or where you were born?


I always go with where I was born (Sheffield) although I left there almost 10 years ago now.

r/AskUK 1h ago

Why is only British colonialism considered bad?


I've noticed that when people talk about Mexico or Latin America, it's always "oh what a wonderful mix of cultures, Spanish and indigenous, how wonderful and diverse". Same with Morocco, "Oh so much French influence, how classy how wonderful".

Yet when it comes to countries that were colonised by Britain, it's almost always "evil robbing raping genocidal oppressors". To suggest that British colonialism had any positive influence whatsoever seems to be considered unacceptable and taboo.

It seems to me that British history bears the brunt of unrestrained criticism and condemnation, and people seem to walk on eggshells far more around other countries' histories.

r/AskUK 7h ago

Have you ever had a bad experience with Timpsons?


Every time I go to one I just feel like they’re the most wholesome people behind the counter and they can’t do no wrong!

r/AskUK 52m ago

Is it strange to celebrate by yourself?


Hi all. I have my 24th birthday next week and ideally I’d celebrate with friends or family, but unfortunately my family do not get on and I have no one I’m close to.

I was therefore thinking on going to the cinema and maybe getting VIP seats, then going for steak at a nice restaurant? Just quite anxious on doing so by myself.

Ideally I would skip the day, but I need a distraction or I will get even more down. Does anyone have experience of this or advice?


r/AskUK 1d ago

Mentions London Am I considered British if I was born and raised in England?


My parents are Nigerian, so I am ethnically Nigerian.

Basically, so I was born in Paddington, grew up in East Croydon through my childhood and lived there till when I was 12/13 years of age. When I was 13, left England and lived in Nigeria for about 8 years.

I then came back to London to reside later on. Just a little perspective into me.

I consider myself British and Nigerian.

r/AskUK 1h ago

What's the point of asking such questions during job application?


Co-op is asking "What was the occupation of your main household earner when you were aged 14?" What's the point of that question? What are they looking for?

r/AskUK 55m ago

How silly are you and your partner behind closed doors?


My partner and I are extremely goofy with each other when it's just the two of us together. Things like making up silly songs, doing weird voices, jumping and dancing around, etc.

Sometimes I think that our behaviour is pretty abnormal, and I wonder what the neighbours think when they hear us, but I don't see what other couples are up to when they're alone so maybe it's common for people to act like weirdos with their partners.

I'm not worried about it because I love how we interact with each other, I'm just interested to find out what others are getting up to.

r/AskUK 22h ago

Do you struggle to relate to people on this sub?


Often times a lot of the stuff I see on this sub just doesnt translate to real life at all. From the looks of it this sub isnt reflective of the UK at all.

r/AskUK 1d ago

Eating food shopping before you have paid for it, agree or disagree?


So, i recently went food shopping and whilst i was wondering down the aisles i noticed a woman tucking into a packet of ham as she walked around the store, once I'd got to the till to pay, i noticed she put the half eaten packet of ham on the belt ready to pay.

Is this something a lot of people do?

Side note- i noticed she would pick up many different items and put them back on the shelf after touching her mouth with the ham ..

r/AskUK 5h ago

Has anyone here started to learn a new trade when they were aged 35 or over? If so, can you share your experience of how you went about it and how it went?


I'm 36 this year and I think I'm at the start of what is becoming a mid life crisis. I'm in a low paying job that is barely covering my rent and all my bills. My partner is insistent on me learning a trade to increase my skills and make better money. The problem is I have no practical skills to speak of and wouldn't be sure of what I wanted to do.

I also have reservations due to having to continue to work to pay my rent and bills, so how would I achieve funding for what I needed to learn?

Any help or similar experiences would be greatly appreciated.

r/AskUK 2h ago

Mentions Manchester What’s with all the kids in Bradford rocking mullets?


I’ve lived in Manchester all my life and I’ve never seen anyone rocking a mullet. I went to Bradford yesterday and I must’ve seen like 10 18-25 year olds with mullets in the space of 30 mins??? Wtf is going on in Bradford the roads are like the whacky races. Could anyone from Bradford enlighten me what’s with this mullet trend there?

r/AskUK 33m ago

Why do people assume "American Candy" stores are fronts?


I'm an American in the UK and I've found myself on the lookout for "American Candy" stores quite often because there's a few snacks and sodas that I like from back home that are hard to find here. Yet, every time I mention an American Candy store to one of my UK friends, without fail they always talk about them being a "front" for laundering money or something. Even online I feel like I've seen the same sentiment.

I suppose that it wouldn't be too surprising if some of them were a front for money laundering or whatever, but it just feels like a really weirdly common sentiment towards those stores even though I haven't really ever seen it backed up.

r/AskUK 8h ago

Men of AskUK have you got any examples of things that annoy you with your partner which seem to be a typical thing amongst the wider population?


For example: your wife like muttering something to you when your in another room(I think lee evans had this in his stand up routine many years ago)….I always chuckle when I mentally tick the ones off I’ve experienced

r/AskUK 1h ago

What song do you want played at your funeral?


Something funny? Something cool? Something that represent you and your personality? Your favourite song? Or something that will help your loved ones grieve?
For me it’s going to be Holst - Jupiter

r/AskUK 5h ago

People who emigrated to the UK without your families, does the feeling of guilt ever lessen?


Just that, really. I left my mother, a few good friends. Yes I see them occasionally, but I can’t be there for them day to day. Especially my mother, as she gets older. I had absolutely no chance at making a life for myself back home, it was miserable, whereas here, future is looking good for me. She’s happy that I’m doing well, as a parent is, but the sense of guilt for abandoning my family in a selfish pursuit of happiness is killing me.

r/AskUK 1d ago

I've been asked to tell a colleague that their personal hygiene needs to improve, how do I tackle this sensitively?


I work with someone that often smells quite strongly of pungent cooking and body odour, to the point that it's uncomfortable being in a closed meeting room with them and if the door has to be closed people avoid sitting near them.

I've been asked to raise the issue with them next week; when I asked how I should raise it I was told "Just raise it." How? "Sensitively."

In my opinion there's no nice way to tell someone they smell, it's mortifying. I don't think it's purely a hygiene issue either since they look clean, I think they wear their work clothes in the same room they cook in since the smell is so strong (maybe they live in a studio?) so it's not as simple as giving them deodrat.

I also don't want to start by saying "I've been told to inform you..." or "There's been complaints...", etc. because I don't want them to feel like everyone's talking behind their back, that'd be horrible. How would you raise this issue?

r/AskUK 8h ago

How offensive do you find the word 'twat'?


I have always regarded 'twat' as at the lower end of the swearing scale based on observations of its' use, my age (59) and location (West Yorks). To me it is just ahead of 'bloody' but way behind 'shit' in terms of how offensive the word is to be perceived by the listener.

But I've been told that in the south the word is 2nd only to c*nt as an offensive word.

So, out of 10 how offensive is 'twat' to you and are you a northerner or a southerner?

r/AskUK 1h ago

What thing do you see in a relationship that makes you go “yep they’re doomed”?


For me it’s hearing them try an open relationship after being monogamous for some time…I’ve never seen it work personally.

r/AskUK 23h ago

What does British people eat for lunch at work?


TL:DR I’m going on work experience and don’t know what would be appropriate to bring with me for lunch and I would appreciate some advice.


I’m still in school and going on a work experience week for the first time in my life soon which I’m very much looking forward to. I am expected to bring a packed lunch with me every day which I don’t mind, but I have never made myself a packed lunch ever before and don’t know what is appropriate to bring in. I come from a country where school lunches are free and served in a canteen and we were not allowed to bring in food from home. The English school I go to now have a similar canteen concept as it is a residential school. My parents both work in places with access to a good kitchen, so they can bring in most kinds of food.

My initial idea is to bring some sort of sandwich, an apple and a bottle of water as I’m not sure if we will be able to microwave our lunch or sit down at a table.

What do you bring with you for lunch to work and what kind of place do you work in (I.e office, shop, factory, healthcare etc)? I’m probably overthinking this, but I don’t want to look like an idiot on my work experience week.

r/AskUK 4m ago

What’s your favourite mis-heard song lyrics?


For me it’s Blue by Eiffel 65 - “I’m blue and I would beat off a guy”

r/AskUK 14m ago

Boiler cover, worth it?


We have an about 10 year old Vaillant combi boiler. I get bombarded with boiler cover offers from everywhere. Does it worth the money? Any experience shared would be much appreciated.